what makes a muse?

hey all, happy sunday! i hope you had a great weekend. mine was full with much too much to sort through so i just wanted to stop by and share yesterday’s photo shoot. are you as obsessed with paper as i am? i completely forgot till these books finally arrived from paris.  they totally inspired and couldn’t stop snapping them.

each book is handmade and unique. the paper is cottony soft in the way it’s been made for centuries.

i could eat them up!

it’s been months since i’ve shot anything so it was good  to experiment with my camera.  it took a bunch of books to bust it out after a very long hiatus and i’m grateful for that!

anyway it’s time for the housewives so i’m officially tuning out and shutting down early. have a bonne nuit et beaux rêves!

PS it’s a couple days later and i put them on my website here: theparisapartment.com/boutique

January 10, 2011. Books, Boutique, Paris.


  1. Kate Salenfriend replied:

    Can you tell us more about the books? they are truly beautiful to look at but from where? origins? history? anything!?


    • the paris apartment replied:

      yes i’m sorry! they’re new, blank inside and made in france. i’m going to put them in my web boutique tonight with the dimensions etc, just eyeballing them they look to be about 7″ x 5″ and 2.5″ thick.


  2. G. replied:

    yes, i am definitely obsessed with paper!! drooling over these books!!! xo.


  3. Melissa replied:

    I would love to know where I can get these!


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Glad to know that someone else is as crazy over paper as I am. These books are perfect. Jealous.
    I hope that you day is beautiful, Claudia.


  5. Acquired Objects replied:

    Way cool books and love that soft cottony feel!


  6. Brenda Spielmann replied:

    love, love, love them!!! i can actually feel how cottony they are. great shots. i’m such a fan of your blog, always come around.


  7. Astrid Mueller replied:

    Very beautiful – I love the look of these hand made papers, it’s almost as if I can feel them!


  8. Paris Wedding Inspiration | Illustrations and Inspirations replied:

    […] handmade books, found on parisapartment […]


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