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hi all! hope you had a marvelous weekend. it’s winding down now, almost midnight and i’m about to cut out. before i go i just wanted to post some more of the shots from yesterday’s search since i really did love what it turned up.

so many talented people! so much to do and see! but for tonight, i bid adieu!

January 31, 2011. Paris, Paris Apartments, Photography. 8 comments.

it’s all going out the window

bonjour à tous! i hope you’re having a divine weekend! it’s really late so i only have a minute  but just wanted take that sec to say hi and post a couple images i came across today. i guess it’s safe to say and i better admit it even to myself! i committed to doing the architectural digest show again as of today. it’s happening march 17-21.  i was on the fence but that’s the main reason i went to paris, to meet with vendors and suppliers and bring some of their greatness back for the show.

anyway i’m going to create a bedroom, (bien sur), my theme is going to be ‘white on white’ or ‘shades of gray’, not sure exactly, but it will evolve. aside from my furniture i have to dress the walls and floors. i love windows on either side of a bed so started  surfing today for good shots. all my wishes were answered and i only went though 100 pages. and there were more. flickr is a goldmine we know that, but when they led me from ‘paris out a window’ to ‘people in windows’, i was in heaven. that’s technology that works for me!

ok well, enjoy, gotta run, happy saturday nuit!

January 30, 2011. Paris, Paris Apartments, Photography. 11 comments.

amazing things my friends are doing

tgif! hi all, hope you had a great week and are about to unwind. i just wanted to stop by and share some great things my friends and fellow blog buds are up to.  above all else they are spreading joy by doing great work. check out sandy’s blog and her marvelous fantasy cottage. she recently visited my girl karina gentinetta and took incredible pics of her shop for a book she’s working on. (that’s my chair)!

karina has an amazing story and gorgeous pieces in her new orleans antique shop. she is a true survivor and one fantastic reason to go to new orleans. she never gave up on the city she loves.

the brilliant katie armour has started an incredible online magazine, the first issue profiles one of my favorite bombshells, haleigh of making magique who lives a dream in paris. she came to the bloggers meet-up and was pure fairy dust!

finally, my other dear friend, mimi (an american living a true fairy tale in paris too),  has launched her very own online magazine this month aussi! it’s filled with articles from her fantastic team of friends. i’m totally motivated by you gorgeous ladies and can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

well it’s about that time to make sure it’s a night to remember so i better go, have a great weekend!

January 29, 2011. Friends. 16 comments.

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