not rushing through it

i know we’re sort of onto new years already but for those who have trees, i hope you’re enjoying them. these shots came through my inbox today and i just couldn’t file them away till next year. i die for that blue sofa!

i love the shapes of the trees!

ok well,  that’s it for my holiday posts, i promise (even though we’re only on what, 4 out of the 12 days of christmas)?  bonne nuit!

December 30, 2010. Holidays.


  1. jterrill replied:

    I love the trees…I collect trees of all sorts! Thanks for sharing.


  2. sundaygirl24 replied:

    You die for the blue couch! I am in ER being resuscitated for that couch! And I love the simply light tree in the second image! So effortless that it some how looks… well rich?!

    S xxx


  3. Christina Lindsay replied:

    How lovely to have found your gorgeous blog! Thank you for leaving a comment so I did. We have very similar taste. That blue sofa is fabulous xx


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh. My. Goodness. These images are gorgeous. I love the blue sofa and the trees are so fabulous. I love the little fat one in the second image. It reminds me of my aunt.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week.


  5. yvonne replied:

    That blue sofa makes me think of the beautiful dressing rooms where you tried clothes on,
    in the Neiman Marcus store in Houston in the 40’s.
    It sure looks like 1920’s

    Happy New year



  6. Relyn replied:

    I was stopping by because I wanted to wish you a happy new year and thank you for being a follower of my blog. It means a lot to me. Thank you. May your new year be filled with laughter, more joy than sorrow, peace, and wisdom. Blessings to you. Happy new year!


  7. Hazel replied:

    I love the lempicka used as a fireplace screen


  8. weirdrockstar replied:

    Beautiful images, as always.
    We´re not rushing through anything, either. It is accustomary in Finland to take down the seasonal decorations on 6th of Jan. Many peeps take them down earlier but I´m enjoying our tree merrily untill the 6th.
    Have a good and happy 2011!!!


  9. jo replied:

    Would you really “die” for a sofa? Is that really what you mean? The sofa is lovely though if you thought about the words you are using, maybe you could substitute more meaningful choices?


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