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lauren doughty

hi guys! Ça va?  it’s a dreary day in the city, perfect for staying in and working.  my only relief is to just say hi to you. i hope you’re enjoying some time for yourself.  i just came across these shots i was saving for new year’s  inspiration and figure it’s now or never to plan my outfit.  i like to wear something with sparkles on ny year’s eve, do you? are you still into vintage? i am! via

ok, off to brave the blizzard and find something to wear.  it’s nyc so i won’t have to go too far! have a great night!

December 28, 2010. Holidays.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    Hope you find that perfect dress!


  2. Ro replied:

    I still love vintage. However because I’m, um, gently aging, I try to make sure I’m looking vintage chic and not looking like I’m wearing something I’ve just held onto. I mostly now stick to vintage accessories. How can I go wrong?


  3. à la parisienne replied:

    I just love pics with layers vintage, feminine gowns!
    I love vintage clothing. The only problem is getting the right fit!

    Have a happy New Year!


  4. Deborah Milne replied:

    Greetings Claudia – count me in on wearing vintage. You will likely never walk into a party and find someone wearing what you are wearing. It’s like slipping into something mysterious, elegant and transforming one-self.
    What ever you choose I know you will be capture the hearts of those who see you.

    Bonne année à mon ami xo


  5. Acquired Objects replied:

    I love vintage but as Ro said above, gently aging means gently changing as well so I stick to basic black and go with vintage accessories. I have a vintage ostrich handbag that I plan on using, love it!


  6. M-T replied:

    Being “une femme d’un certain âge” means being very careful how you do vintage. A vintage piece w/a modern twist always works. Vintage accessories are absolutely the safest route; however, vintage fur (faux or not) collars, cuffs, etc. always work. Vintage accessories are usually of much higher quality than their modern equivalents and if you wear them, you will not see yourself coming and going, as they used to say.

    In France we don’t wish anyone Happy New Year until after the 1st of the year (It’s considered bad luck.), so I will hold my New Year’s wishes until then, Claudia.

    Whatever you choose for your NYE ensemble will, I have no doubt, be superb.

    Bises, M-T


  7. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Who doesn’t love a little sparkle…especially for New Years! I’m so envious of your great shopping you have in NYC…for now I will stick to something vintage that I’ve had for years myself! I find my vintage things always get the best reviews. I know you will be stunning!
    –Lee Ann


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    what did i ever do to get such beautiful people in my life? thank you all for stopping by, i just adore you and can’t wait to spend the new year together!


  9. Electrician Elwood replied:

    That glittering dress is very gorgeous!!!!!


  10. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Oh Claudia! Seeing your posts pop up on Bloglovin makes me so happy! And YES YES YES. Still into Vintage clothing! I have just bought myself two beautiful vintage handbags in anticipation for next Spring! I have just posted about them, have a look if you have time xxx


  11. M-T replied:

    One more thing I forgot to mention. I have small hands and American glove manufacturers no longer make gloves in my size, so I haunt vintage stores for fabulous gloves.

    Particularly w/3/4 length sleeves, a great pair of 3/4 or opera length gloves can be oh so là là!!


  12. Christina Lindsay replied:

    That gold dress is lovely! I love anything sparkly and white fluff is a particular favourite although I no longer wear real fur, I buy a lot of marabou instead. I did some posts on my wardrobe – mostly bought in vintage shops or on Ebay. Here’s the last one on sparkly bits:

    PS. How do I follow you? xx


  13. Bonnie replied:

    Your dresses are as spectacular as you! It’s simply amazing… I just made a post for New Years with a illustration of glamorous vintage ladies in sparkly long sparkly evening gowns and long satiny white gloves sitting around a table against a midnight blue sky… prior to seeing this post on your blog! Actually they even remind me of you! I wish you a very Happy New Year my dear friend Claudia!


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