christmas couture

wow how did it get to be midnight already? hi all!  it’s been a long full day and i’m about to shut it down but wanted to post a couple illustrations i came across just now that i thought you’d enjoy.

i’m a sucker for vintage everything so when i fell over these old ads and  illustrations at hprint, i got a little lost. (ok, a lot). take a look at one of the links if you dare (read: have an extra millisecond)

the good news is you can actually buy them so if you do fall in love you can put it on your wish list.

of course this is the tip of the very tall iceberg

the holidays were so glam

(if not a little insipid)

but for the most part, they were exquisitely represented, the sentiment, the sweetness,35

aside from the fashion, there’s also a ton of clever covers, perfume and jewelry ads from old french mags like la parisienne and le sourire.,26

Hérouard 1921 Les Etrennes Inutiles

above images all from

ok well there’s no one in the world who could go thru it all so enjoy your little nook in the site. but don’t say i didn’t warn you! good nuit!

December 15, 2010. Holidays, illustration.


  1. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage replied:

    Oooo la la! Such beautiful renderings. What a treasure-trove you’ve found. My kind of place to get lost in.


  2. Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh so many things to look at. Much eye candy here. You have been a busy bee this week, and now you get to go to the big city!
    have a wonderful visit.


  3. Kristin replied:

    Wow…they are gorgeous. I love the rood picture! LOVE it! Have a beautiful day!



  4. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Divine illustrations Claudia. It’s hard to remember Christmas can be elegant when you have a little one trying to pull the Christmas tree down!

    Sadie xxx


  5. Acquired Objects replied:

    Fun pictures but my holiday, Christmas morning, outfit is my pajamas!


  6. Style Maniac replied:

    that first card with the red dress–fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! off to check out hprint–hope I don’t get lost for hours! (or maybe I hope I do??)


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i hope you do! it’s an infinite collection, i’d be interested in seeing what you find.


  7. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    I love these.!!! They would make great xmas cards. You get the greatest paper stuff!!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    i do adore paper. these as cards is a brilliant idea!


  9. Mary replied:

    Hi Claudia, Happy Christmas, thank you for all the 2010 beauty. I made one of these my screensaver. Do you recall anyone posting nyc window displays this year? I won’t get to the city this season and they’re always so fun to see xo


    • theparisapartment replied:

      really? which one! i checked out bergdorf goodman for you today and will post the pics, but also found some on habitually chic.


  10. carla replied:

    HI Claudia, What a wonderful collection of vintage images. so elegant… Carla


  11. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    I love every one of these, vintage is the best isn’t it. The little lady looking in at all the fin on the rootop is a bit sad though…I hear you had some cold temps in Florida, we’re expecting more snow tomorrow in Paris.
    WIshing you and your family a Merry Christmas and the most lovely New Year yet!


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    OH WOW!i thought that was SANTA!!! my bad!!!


  13. kate replied:

    I LOVE coming here. Always just what I need at the time!


  14. Kerry replied:

    The first few dresses make me swoon and wish I had a reason to dress up. Love the insipid!!! ;)


  15. ateliercheri replied:

    Love, love, love these! A mention at my place, Atelier Chéri:


  16. Judith replied:

    Oh.My.Goodness! Claudia, these images are heavenly! The perfect elegant Christmas accessory! I’m off to see the link.
    Have a great stay in the city!


  17. margaret owen replied:

    Oh, these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing:)


  18. Elaine Biss replied:

    Oh this is so my style!!!


  19. The Rachel Papers The weekend is here! replied:

    […] at the W Downtown (and this hotel is adding a rink too!). 12 great gifts for Modern Family fans. Christmas couture! The perfect gift for someone who likes to share. A very clever holiday greeting. The holiday […]


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