in the midnight hour

hey guys how have you been? life’s good here, i just had to take some down time cause stimulation overload was coming at warp speed and needed slowin down’! i got a new computer and there’s a learning curve, connection issues, general busy work added to the already overwhelming inbox and it creates a recipe for producing nothing. anyway it’s given me a chance to decompress. it’s already late here and i have an early morning but i just wanted  to say a quick hello.

gadabout via

i’m getting back on track now and hope to take some of the pressure off and just enjoy the ride.

in other news, i’ve been working on getting the word out on the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs, a topic i never thought i’d have the time or energy to care about but it’s turned into my crusade.  on that note i’m thrilled to report there is something you can do to stop the BAN on the innocent light bulb. i’ve never known much about politics but i know there’s hope cause a bill is being proposed that will REPEAL the ban on the bulbs before it becomes law. please check it out and show your support below at each of the two links. it’s probably not on your priority list but even the EPA says these are toxic hazards. that in the hands of the general public, without the proper disposal they require,  will contaminate our water supply. they’re far from green. it’s a mindblower!

H.R.6144 – Better Use of Light Bulbs Act  at

and here:

ok, it’s on my mind.  thomas edison’s first bulb has stayed lit since 1909,  proving that there’s really no need to replace bulbs every ‘few months’. CFLs are the epitome of ‘Planned Obsolence’ which means they’re meant to burn out just to keep us consuming by GE who has left a trail of destruction for years. add creating a ‘need’ for a dangerous product (that god forbid your kid breaks),  they closed US bulb factories and somehow got the world to believe they’re ‘green’. more ranting here if you can take it:

and saving the best for last, i’d like to introduce jaylene (here with her twin brother and sis). she’s my new little sister and i’m her ‘big’. it was love at first sight! thank you to for putting us together. it took a year but was worth the wait. for more info check out: Be_a_Big_Sister

ok shutting down bonne nuit!

December 8, 2010. Friends, illustration.


  1. Loredana replied:

    Dans ton blog il y a beaucoup d’harmonie!
    Je le suivrai avec plaisir…
    Je te campe dans le mien, si tu veux me faire visite!
    À bientôt.
    Ciao,de l’Italie!


  2. Splendid Sass replied:

    Glad to hear all is well. You have been busy.
    Have a nice day.


  3. Miss Amy replied:

    Very cute photo of you all! Love the newest Paris vs New York. Hilarious. ;)


  4. Acquired Objects replied:

    You’re going to love being a Big sister! And my father-in-law is already working up and down the east coast trying to stop the bill from being passed on the “green” bulbs.


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    Oh wow that is aMaZinG and gives me hope and takes off some of the pressure! I’m not an activist but this has fallen into my lap and become something i couldn’t ignore.
    i can’t wait to end the CFL debacle get back to my life! thank your father in law from me!


  6. Tom replied:

    Vive l’incandescent!


  7. ChiChi French Furniture replied:

    Beautiful images here, really festive! just a shame the festive season is now over :(


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