and then it happened

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good morning guys! i usually get to blogging pretty late at night but it’s that quiet time and i can still hear the rumble of the city just waking up. i’ve got a lot to do and am sure you do too, but just wanted to stop by when there was no rush, no agenda or guilt. ahhhh. so nice to breathe for a sec before all the madness and bustle. hope you get a moment of downtime too. ok off to make very quiet coffee! i hope this is your best year ever!

December 31, 2010. Holidays. 27 comments.

not rushing through it

i know we’re sort of onto new years already but for those who have trees, i hope you’re enjoying them. these shots came through my inbox today and i just couldn’t file them away till next year. i die for that blue sofa!

i love the shapes of the trees!

ok well,  that’s it for my holiday posts, i promise (even though we’re only on what, 4 out of the 12 days of christmas)?  bonne nuit!

December 30, 2010. Holidays. 14 comments.

all that glitters

lauren doughty

hi guys! Ça va?  it’s a dreary day in the city, perfect for staying in and working.  my only relief is to just say hi to you. i hope you’re enjoying some time for yourself.  i just came across these shots i was saving for new year’s  inspiration and figure it’s now or never to plan my outfit.  i like to wear something with sparkles on ny year’s eve, do you? are you still into vintage? i am! via

ok, off to brave the blizzard and find something to wear.  it’s nyc so i won’t have to go too far! have a great night!

December 28, 2010. Holidays. 13 comments.

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