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hi guys! i hope you’re not stressing for the holidays and are planning momentous events with your family and friends.

i love the holidays but have just not been into decorating for them for the past few years. dressing the house with wintery trinkets seems stilted, especially in florida.  that all changed when i saw this pic from country living and i’m back in. it’s minimal but there are  just enough elements to play with like the cream satin bow.  plus, everything looks great with greens around or along it. and they do bring a bit of life and  glorious scent in.  and the white flowers keep it super simple.

tongue and cheek

anyway this was just supposed to be a post on a random festive dining room for thanksgiving so i googled ‘holiday table’ as you know i normally stick to the boudoir, but it was worth it cause  what i came across was the simplicity of the abundant table and the stress of the holidays was gone just like that!

tongue in cheek

i mean granted, i’m not the hostess, all i have to do is show up and lend a hand, bring some bread and wine, have fun with the kids…but i am sympathetic to the hostess who does so much to bring it all together. she should be thanked for above all else!

i guess i just wanted to say that it doesn’t have to get so complicated to be beautiful. i know you know that.

the eternal intern

so whereever you are, whoever you’re with, have a sweet and simple day with those you love.


French Country Living/Caroline Clifton-Mogg

and above all else it’s the company we’re with.  they don’t care if the table is perfectly appointed or you timed it all in sync. so have a beautiful day of food and abundance and each other. i’m beyond grateful, especially for all of you! bon appetit!

ps: just found this:

not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. Epicurus

and this:

if I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Host of this universe, who daily spreads a table
in my sight, surely i cannot do less than acknowledge my dependence.
G.A. Johnston Ross

pss my sis-in-law’s table from last year i never posted, she and my bro are the hosts with the mosts! see you tomorrow col and jean!

November 24, 2010. Holidays.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    So many beautiful images. This message is very true, friend.
    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      you too, my dear friend!


      • corey replied:

        Oh la la I love that you have two of my tabletop photos of my home. Though one is credited to MYMELANGE and in fact it is my photo.
        Thanks for changing the owner of it.

        hi corey! thank you for letting me know. this year i want to be diligent about everything including photo credits! i should have known your gorgeous work! xc


  2. Beth replied:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love the beautiful tables/rooms you’ve shared.


  3. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Happy Thanks Giving Claudia and all my American blog friends! Hope you have a lovely holiday!

    Sadie @ Flea Market Chic xx


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hi sadie! thank you from this side of the globe! maybe thanksgiving should be a world holiday….not so much about the pilgrims anymore but just being grateful!


  4. Write Girl replied:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos…these beautiful spreads are amazing. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      you too! i just read the poem on your blog, i hope you don’t mind me posting a bit of it:

      Days of abundance
      Cupfuls of warmth, love, and time
      Shared beauty of earth
      Measured in the breath of life


  5. Kate replied:

    Soul Sista – you find all the images I HAVE to have and I don’t have to do anything but enjoy them. These images just feed my soul and there is never a one that doesn’t work perfectly for me. When my ship comes in I’m going to hire you to come to Chicago and make my house a Paris Apartment! C’est Vrai!


  6. Ann replied:

    Thanks for the lovely images…

    Simple but the the spirit of the season is there.
    Thanks for these inspirations.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  7. Acquired Objects replied:

    I love bring the outside in for the holidays and our snow does help make things more festive. Beautiful images!


  8. vave replied:

    Lovely! As we are not celebrating Thanksgiving in Romania I’ll try to inspire from here for Christmas or my b-day.:) Simple is always the best!


  9. Hope Ava replied:

    Beautiful images for a beautiful time! I wanted to stop by and invite you to enter my first ever giveaway…I’m celebrating a hundred followers!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
    Hope Ava


  10. Kate replied:

    Wow, wow. Love this!


  11. Lancerika replied:

    Hope your Thanksgiving
    was joyful and sweet…
    Love the simple beauty of
    your images as always:)
    forever grateful:)


  12. Chatelaine replied:

    All of the shots are gorgeous and simple but elegant. I shall strive for that this holiday season as I prepare for my second annual Christmas Soiree.


  13. Elisa_Croatia replied:

    all these images are inspiring. I love the simplicity yet beautiful table settings.


  14. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    love these beautiful images . these tables are so elegant . Your message is so true


  15. Bardot in Blue replied:

    beautifullll holiday decor :-)


  16. Bardot in Blue replied:

    also dear! I have an email to send you an idea and some pics of new paris apartment for you! but i looked and can’t find your email :-(

    send it through to me at if you can!



  17. Yaya replied:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures that always fills us with inspiration, AND thank you for the reminder that ‘simple’ can be beautiful. I, for one, have been stressing over holiday decor. May you have a blessed Christmas. I’m off to continue the decorating, but maybe I will remember ‘simple’…KIS…Keep It Simple!


  18. Cathy M replied:

    Gorgeous photos!! Love the vibe of enjoying the mood. I just wrote a new post & think it may be my very favorite because it involves my family & love for paper & photos! hugs, Cathy


  19. Style Maniac replied:

    I have been seeing so many lovely images from Country Living. Always a fan of non-traditional colors in holiday decor–it just makes it all seem so fresh.


  20. Karena replied:

    Very nice and very elegant, lovely images.

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena


  21. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Oh beautiful … Love those light and airy holiday pics up top! And I love a gorgeous white linen napkin. What is that? :) That blue white and gold is so elegant!


  22. Amy replied:

    Honey, I wish you could see me catching up here, clapping wildly at the sight of this post. :) I couldn’t. agree. MORE! Overdone is so showoff-y and useless, and to be perfectly honest, makes me enjoy my meal less. A comfortable, thoughtful space and great friends and family all you ever need. (Okay, fine… fabulous food never hurt anyone, did it?? Hehe.)

    Happy belated Thanky Day! xoxox!


  23. Evita replied:

    Goodness I’m late! These are all so beautiful. I believe I spy some East glasses in that third setting. Bravo.


  24. weirdrockstar replied:

    I´ve been such a long time reader and I don´t suppose I´ve ever commented before. Yet it seems like bad manners already and I wanted to come in and just gush. You´ve created such a beautiful nook in the blogland! This blog nourishes my home- sickness ( I´ve lived in Paris at some point of my life ) and the beautiful imagery does a soul good. I do enjoy the visuals so much.

    I wish happy and relaxing Holidays to you and yours!


  25. Lancerika replied:

    Needed to catch a glimpse
    of your delicate images again,
    an elegant simplicity
    is more beautiful…
    (and harder to achieve)
    Hope you are fine
    and wish you the
    sweetest of Holidays!


  26. Mademoiselle L. replied:

    I would like to inform that you have received a The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! :) more details on my blog! :) xox


  27. Splendid Sass replied:

    Hope you are doing well. Haven’t heard from you this week.


  28. roomenvy replied:

    I love this subtle festive ideas you have, they’re so traditional. Have you seen our Christmas craft ideas? Take a look at :)


  29. mydesignchic replied:

    What gorgeous table settings – the my melange setting…fabulous!!


  30. Robin @ My Melange replied:

    Lovely photos as always Claudia! :) I can always count on you for some chic, delish, to-die-for Frenchiness! I seriously love them all. Wouldn’t even need food. Just sit down and let me drool over the tables.

    Hope you are also enjoying the holiday season! xox


  31. Eddy replied:

    Hi again!

    I have just sent you a message in other post and this is a very nice blog!

    Country living is really fantastic and you can get real nice interiors and ideas from it. When I see French Painted Furniture I go crazy specially with the distressed marks!



  32. Alex Interior Design replied:

    Lovely pictures of all your dining rooms, it makes me want to move out of London and into the country and have lots of nice dinner parties.


  33. thepilatesbiz replied:

    This was a lovely course and the timing was excellent. if you want to set a new PR, this is a great course for that. I believe i heard it was a qualifier for the boston for those of you needing a nice flat course to qualify.


  34. business seo replied:

    Great blog you have here. Lots of websites like yours cover subjects that arent found in magazines. I dont know how we got on 10 years ago with just print media.


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