the world’s at the door


bonjour mes amis, i hope you’re getting ready for a great holiday week. i’m in nyc, making the rounds, having coffee with friends and enjoying it instead of working it.

being in the city is great. and exhausting! i wasn’t going to blog but came across my google reader with over 1000 entries to blogs i didn’t realize i’m subscribed to. this is just a smattering that i had to share. i have to check it more often, it’s like having eternity check in at your doorstep! i mean desktop! magical portal! via luv publishing


i hope you enjoyed a little random respite. i just wanted to see everything in one place instead of saving random images. but that’s it, my time is up and i have to shut it down.

bonne nuit and big dreams!

November 23, 2010. Blogroll, Friends.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    Such pretty images. Don’t you just love the newRue? Fabulous.
    Have a great time. Lucky you for being in NYC at Christmastime!\


  2. Acquired Objects replied:

    Beautiful images you really should check in more often if this is what we get as well. I hope you’re having fun in NYC!


  3. Amy replied:

    Such beautiful images to get me through the mounds of tedious work I have to do today. Simple beauty keeps me calm. Does that make sense? :) Thank you for sharing, as always. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Alma replied:

    I love your blog!! A lot!! Thx for all this nice images that you are posting! They are making my day better!


  5. barb replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I came by to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

    big hugs,


  6. Karena replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    Wonderful still lifes and vignettes!!

    Art by Karena


  7. Klaus Cree replied:

    Nice Photos and a great blog you have. Keep it up.


  8. Lancerika replied:

    Dreamy images,
    Wish you
    joyful Holidays:)


  9. Judy replied:


    Those images are just delicious. Thank you for sharing them. But now, I am “forced” to go waste some of my time checking them out-which is not wasted after all, correct? :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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