to sleep, perchance to dream

bon soir mes amis, i hope you’re having a dreamy weekend.  i’m still going thru the pics from surfing last week. it’s been fun saving random shots and watching collections emerge. if you know me at all you’ll know i’m obsessed with the boudoir, the bed and all the trimmings.

beds are seem magical. they’re just as interesting empty as with a kitten lounging adorably.  funny how they have such personalities. of course though, there’s nothing more gorgeous on the planet than women. and  the women who inhabit these beds really put the cherry on top.

there were so many images of girls in bed, lounging, reading, sleeping, loving, playing music, cards, jumping, pillow fights and crying. i had to draw the line cause it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole, that tumblr.

some of my favorite shots are from the film, marie antoinette. until these shots kept popping up, i don’t think i realized how many bed scenes there were with her!

and they’re all delish!


i’m sure lots of these are staged,

but they’re still ethereal, what is it about lounging in bed?

keira knightly (gasp)! smoking in bed

i’m a sucker for the candids

are you getting sleepy? i sure am!

ok well it’s time for me to head up to my own little piece of heaven. i do have fresh sheets on the bed with lots and lots of pillows and (exciting)! i busted out a cashmere blanket that will be perfect for tonight’s slight chill.

enjoy your weekend when you’re up and when you’re down i hope you’re enjoying your bed and making it as cozy as possible!

November 14, 2010. Bedrooms.


  1. Design Elements replied:

    the last image is wonderful!


  2. Splendid Sass replied:

    I’m with you on the obsession for linens for the bed. I can’t get enough gorgeousness in the bedroom!
    Have a great Sunday!


  3. Sarah @ Maison Boheme replied:

    This was such a dreamy, beauty filled post. Oh, ow how I love your blog! Always have…


  4. Lancerika replied:

    Beautiful women.
    Inviting beds.
    What a delicious post.
    Dreamy indeed:)


  5. Sarah @ Natural History replied:

    What a completely blissful post… Most blissful of all is that blue dress with the red sash from MA, though, surely?

    Our guest post today is, rather fittingly, about bed *linen*, thanks to Ally of From the Right Bank!


  6. M-T replied:

    I can never have too many pillows on my bed. My husband does not quite understand my obssession with them. He complains that at his age, by the time he removes all the pillows from the bed, he’s too tired to make love. Not true, my dears, definitely not true. A man leaves no pillow unturned when there’s a naked woman in his bed.


  7. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    So inviting, these beds…
    I just did a post on the boudoir myself!
    –Lee Ann


  8. A Gilded Life replied:

    LOVE these photos, Claudia! What a dreamy way to start the day!! xoxo


  9. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    I’m getting sleepy…very sleepy…must lie down…


  10. Le lit et la femme « ooh la femme replied:

    […] More here. Categories femme fatale LikeBe the first to like this […]


  11. Irene replied:

    Great taste…Marie-Antoinette is among my favorite films in every way!


  12. Paris in Pink replied:

    Such sweet images… I especially love the Marie Antoinette-inspired ones :) Paris in Pink


  13. Bedding Stock replied:

    At the moment, I want to get my memory foam mattress and sleep. Such a cool candid photos.


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  15. Jika 7 Tanda Ini Kamu Rasakan, Sebaiknya Kamu Berhenti dari Pekerjaanmu yang Sekarang | Avatar IT replied:

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  16. 寝る時ってブラを着ける?着けない??美乳をキープするための過ごし方を教えちゃいます♡ | キレイをシェアする【LPTP】 replied:

    […] 出典: 胸の大きさだけでなく、形も同じくらい悩み…ですよね。ナイトブラはお金もかかるしついつい疎かにしてしまう人も多いかもしれませんが、未来への先行投資ということで、まずはリーズナブルなナイトブラからチャレンジしてみてはいかがでしょうか♡ […]


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