the glitzy chix makeover

hi guys how are you? i’ve been working hard for the past week and sort of staying under the radar to slay this freakin’ inbox! sadly the daily grind takes up all my energy and i rarely get to do the creative soul food stuff. somehow blogging is my only outlet so thank god for that! as you may know,  my blog friends mean everything to me and are my conscience, inspiration and true beloved friends. if you’ll remember, you were the ones who motivated me to re-do my apartment a couple weeks ago and changed my life.  well i just wanted to share what came of it! the post of my un-done apartment on the blog was the catalyst for the silly video liz and i made for the design sherpa contest. i put it on youtube but you can see it on their site and if you like it, let them know with a comment. hope you get a kick out of it!

November 5, 2010. Decorating.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    You are a trip girl! LOVE the apartment. Left my comments!
    Now, sit back and relax this weekend.


  2. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    This is so much fun! Aren’t good friends just the BEST?!
    Great pedi!
    –Lee Ann


  3. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Oh Claudia! That video REALLY tickled me! LOL! You and Liz look so funny in double speed!

    Kisses, Sadie xx


  4. vicki replied:

    This is so cool! I have a couple of rooms to clear out and I know I will feel like you soon. Now to get that pedi first! Congrats!


  5. M-T replied:

    What do you suggest, Pedi before (motivation)? or Pedi after (reward?) This was soooo much fun to watch. I was expecting to see a bit of bubbly at the end, or did you do that off camera??

    A little Veuve Cliquot makes everything better, n’est-ce pas?


  6. J. replied:

    How adorable! Good for you for completing your project, it looks lovely. Have a great weekend.



  7. Design Elements replied:

    cool! :-) happy weekend!


  8. yvonne replied:

    wonderful job, The apt. looks great, hanging pictures is hard, you don’t realize it till you get into it.

    May you have a restful weekend.



  9. lancerika replied:

    You girls are so much FuN and
    inspiring…talk about
    a transformation of a place
    to a home that you feel comfy
    and happy in it.
    Wish both of you a peaceful w’end!


  10. Hope Ava replied:

    Lol…good job on the video…looks like you had fun! It’s amazing how much changing your space can do for your head. And your previous post with the gorgeous furniture was absolutely to die for. That armoire with the blue trim goes straight into my inspiration files for the next time I start painting an old piece!

    Bon weekend!
    Hope Ava


  11. Linda replied:

    That was so much fun to watch. What a great job you too did.


  12. Cris replied:

    Loved it! I think I’ll use it as my inspiration to paint the last of the green off the fireplace bricks. Yuck. And thank you!


  13. Kate replied:

    Love, Love! Happy to be part of the process – feel like part of the family.


  14. Lorena G replied:

    Great reading can really get you through a long cold
    winter…Inspired by their accumulative wisdom and also
    all the pleasure I gain from visiting with you. Je serais
    si tres content de recevoir un de vos livres delicieux!
    I will savour it with my best and most inspiring gal pal.


  15. Amy replied:

    I just looked around my house. meh. I fail.


  16. Sandy Foster replied:

    You should be on The Nate Berkus Show!


  17. Chelsea Talks Smack replied:

    So, basically what youre saying is I need to go book shopping? Yes, yes I do.


  18. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I loved the video, it was so fun and inspiring! Ikea rocks (I bought some fabulous white sheer curtains there for $5 a pair..just hung them in my master bedroom).
    That painting over the table reminds me of one my Dad painted years ago and it had a white frame, too! It brought back good memories for me as he passed away in ’99.


  19. replied:

    He is. 2010 is his last arb year, I believe.


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