when to say when

hey guys, how’s your week going? i’ve been laying low and reigning it in, feeling a lot better. and staying put seems to be making things happen. i’m down to a one page inbox and have this rare chance to blog.  between the boring stuff  i’ve been fattening up my web boutique to make use of all the ‘thrifiting’ i did west palm over the last couple weeks.

this wasn’t one of the pieces i found but it’s one from a vendor i work with,  eloquence. they shop europe to bring pieces back here and even reproduce some of them. i died for some pieces their ship brought in this week!

i wish i had a place for an armoire like this. what an heirloom. i wonder whose it was?

i could eat it!

they have simpler pieces too. i’m a closet freak!

there’s just something about storage that i love. maybe cause i don’t have a real closet at the moment.

anyway i just wanted to share some of their eye candy.

funny how furniture can be as pretty as any jewel!

in other breaking news,  liz now has the hang of selling on ebay, and she’s a free bird flying! i wanted to let you know that besides cleaning out her gorgeous closet,

she’s also selling furniture like the chair and stool below. if you get a chance, check her out!

finally, it’s election night. this adorable graphic was sent to me by a client who’s daughter created it. i thought it was fitting at least to acknowledge the importance of the election tonite. i’m not political or even as educated as i should be on how things work in our country, but i am grateful for life here.  whatever your political convictions are, i hope our next move is to finesse this mess together to make a great change with compassion and negotiation. ok it’s time to shut down. have a great night!


November 3, 2010. Boutique, Furniture, Liz.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    SO many pretty things. I was glad to see that you wonder who owned the antique armoire, because I always imagine who could have owned pieces of furniture. What they did for a living, who they married, children… the works.
    That armoire is to die for and so is the vanity/desk!
    Glad you are feeling better :).
    Have a nice evening.


  2. pamela replied:

    Yummy, yummy!


  3. Bonnie replied:

    The armoire is so pretty! It would look lovely with your lights shown to the right in your ad “Shopping Paris with Claudia.” I wonder the same kinda of thoughts about old treasures as you and Teresa do… Oh i like (love) the fluffy blue grey rug too, and the desk and night stand, and… ok everything. I hope you feel all better soon. ~ Bonnie ~


  4. Karena replied:

    Gorgeous Armoire!! Love it and am also off to see Lizs’ wares!

    Come and see my latest find, would love your comments,

    Art by Karena


  5. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Everything looks delicious, Claudia! I once fell in love with the most decadent, huge armoire at an upper end antique shop that once belonged to an Italian Contessa, so the shopkeeper said. Don’t know if that was true or not, but I’ve thought about that piece for years! It was so big that I didn’t have a wall long enough to put it anyway! Ha! Oh, well, one can dream!
    And Liz’s stuff…divine!
    –Lee Ann


  6. christie repasy replied:

    Hi Claudia, thanks for sharing such special pieces for us to enjoy. I especially like the little painted nightstand! have a good weekend, Christie


  7. Anaivilo replied:

    Where do you find these photos? They are amazing!! :D Love this furniture…old and rococo-ish


  8. Merri Cvetan replied:

    What a lovely site! We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in Paris in September. The only way to travel. C’est tres magnifique!


  9. Judy replied:

    I’m digging that eye candy! So beautiful! Thanks for all that you do to inspire us!



  10. Design Elements replied:

    so many lovely things! my weeks is wonderful :-)


  11. ursula replied:

    Sigh! So much prettiness to take in!!


  12. Chateau de Lille replied:

    I totally love Eloquence and wish I had a magic wand to visit them and buy whatever my heart desires.But I shall have to make do with the pretty pics you guys post for us.Many Thanks,Fiona.


  13. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Please see my blog for a mention and a link. XX Gypsy Purple


  14. well designed replied:

    Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is
    existing on web?


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