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hi guys! i hope you’re not stressing for the holidays and are planning momentous events with your family and friends.

i love the holidays but have just not been into decorating for them for the past few years. dressing the house with wintery trinkets seems stilted, especially in florida.  that all changed when i saw this pic from country living and i’m back in. it’s minimal but there are  just enough elements to play with like the cream satin bow.  plus, everything looks great with greens around or along it. and they do bring a bit of life and  glorious scent in.  and the white flowers keep it super simple.

tongue and cheek

anyway this was just supposed to be a post on a random festive dining room for thanksgiving so i googled ‘holiday table’ as you know i normally stick to the boudoir, but it was worth it cause  what i came across was the simplicity of the abundant table and the stress of the holidays was gone just like that!

tongue in cheek

i mean granted, i’m not the hostess, all i have to do is show up and lend a hand, bring some bread and wine, have fun with the kids…but i am sympathetic to the hostess who does so much to bring it all together. she should be thanked for above all else!

i guess i just wanted to say that it doesn’t have to get so complicated to be beautiful. i know you know that.

the eternal intern

so whereever you are, whoever you’re with, have a sweet and simple day with those you love.


French Country Living/Caroline Clifton-Mogg

and above all else it’s the company we’re with.  they don’t care if the table is perfectly appointed or you timed it all in sync. so have a beautiful day of food and abundance and each other. i’m beyond grateful, especially for all of you! bon appetit!

ps: just found this:

not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. Epicurus

and this:

if I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Host of this universe, who daily spreads a table
in my sight, surely i cannot do less than acknowledge my dependence.
G.A. Johnston Ross

pss my sis-in-law’s table from last year i never posted, she and my bro are the hosts with the mosts! see you tomorrow col and jean!

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the world’s at the door


bonjour mes amis, i hope you’re getting ready for a great holiday week. i’m in nyc, making the rounds, having coffee with friends and enjoying it instead of working it.

being in the city is great. and exhausting! i wasn’t going to blog but came across my google reader with over 1000 entries to blogs i didn’t realize i’m subscribed to. this is just a smattering that i had to share. i have to check it more often, it’s like having eternity check in at your doorstep! i mean desktop! magical portal! via luv publishing


i hope you enjoyed a little random respite. i just wanted to see everything in one place instead of saving random images. but that’s it, my time is up and i have to shut it down.

bonne nuit and big dreams!

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one of a kind love affair

it never ceases to amaze me, the boudoir. you can look through a catalog and choose any living room and most people could be perfectly happy with the basics of pottery barn or williams sononma. (ok not you, most people)! but the bedroom is super special, so distinct, unique and personal with all its detail and intimacy. every one tells a story of its owner, who she is and what she’s all about.  i just never get tired of looking at them! here are a few of my faves from last week’s dip into the inspiration pool. it really feeds my voyeuristic side! these are all from one place, have you been there? i never had. it’s pretty spellbinding. hope you enjoy them as much as i did!

sigh, so many personalities, if only i had a guest room too…guess i better work on my bedroom first!

and for all my surfing, i did feel a little guilty till i was validated by this creative philosopher:

oh and speaking of creative girls, please welcome megan from paper route to tpa’s family of sponsors! she creates fabulous cards for all occasions and you can customize practically anything with initials, monograms, as invitiations…sky’s the limit! here are a couple of my faves, check her out if you’re looking for a personal, one of a kind gift!

have a great night, i’m off to nyc tomorrow!

November 18, 2010. Bedrooms. 24 comments.

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