i want candy

image via  style redux

happy halloween everyone~

this mask is about all i can muster today as i’m not feeling it, but i hope you and your fellow goblins have a frightfully fierce day and night! enjoy your kids’ loot!

ps if you’re still looking for a costume tonite, check out these tim butron inspired looks from bazaar via the ginger parasol

October 31, 2010. Holidays.


  1. Acquired Objects replied:

    Great images. I hope you feel better! Happy Halloween!

  2. amy replied:

    what an incredible mask! love how delicate it is. great Burton’esque photo shoot as well. wish i had the energy to re-create one of those fabulous costumes.

  3. Splendid Sass replied:

    The mask is beautiful. I wish I could wear one of those always. The images are wild!
    I am sorry that you are not feeling well. Drink plenaty of fluids and get some rest.
    Hope you feel better SOON!

  4. Anaivilo replied:

    OMG! Those looks are so perfect, just like in the movies! Great photos indeed :D

  5. J. Is a Bird replied:

    Happy Halloween! The mask is beautiful. Feel better soon.


  6. Judith replied:

    Awww…Feel better soon Claudia! Happy Halloween!

  7. Design Elements replied:

    incredible mask & stunning images!

  8. lancerika replied:

    Nothing worse than feeling lousy
    especially on Halloween night.
    Maybe candy can be your medicine…
    feel better!
    P.S. love the mask

  9. Write Girl replied:

    Lovely and haunting costumes…I certainly enjoyed browsing these great pics. Hope your Halloween was spectacular!!

  10. renee finberg replied:

    adorable halloween montage!!


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