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madeleine castaing

bon soir everybody, i hope you had a good week and tgif!

i’ve got the apartment to myself for the next month and plan to make the most of it.

it’s weird when you get off track (my bf was here all week) and don’t remember where you quite left off. for that i always turn to the camera card and see where i was last. i forgot about my trip to palm beach the other day.

i’m working with a dealer who’s got fabulous stuff but no tech, so we’re working with my online shop and his great goodies!  this is the back room where  some pieces need work. he wants to put new mirror on this, says his clients don’t like that ‘old stuff’. i could have cried!

he knows where all the great estate sales and auctions are. i hope no one shines up this patina.

i’m a sucker for black lucite

and slipper chairs but ouch! the 80s upholstery on this 30s frame is so golden girls but i die for the lines!

another vintage mirrored vanity.  he wants to change this old mirror too but i say no!

he’s pretty frilly himself. this is behind his desk (above)

and he has a thing for pink chairs. me too.

as you can see this is a fairly girly region of our fair country. sometimes it can even feel a little sunset boulevard and i start to wonder if maybe it’s a bit much. but i do love fun, dramatic furniture.  i think about the ladies who used these pieces in the teens, (the flappers) twenties, (the vamps) thirties (glamor girls)!

total non sequitur: the shot below has been on my desktop since last week. it’s madeleine castaing from a new book about her that a friend mentioned. i know i should know her but know tragically little. turns out she loved  playful furniture and decor too and is someone i’d love to study.

(NOTE: i just realized this is not madeline! it’s Syrie-Maugham who i know even less about)! oh well it started a roll!

this is the new book out on her: World-Madeleine-Castaing

what a legend


Antique shop of Madeleine Castaing in Paris (7th arr.) at the corner of rue Bonaparte et Jacob

Juin 1960. © Roger-Viollet.  Photo by Francis Hammond for The New York Times

now a laudree


apparently everything she touched was magic, her home, her store, interiors, even the shutters. this blue was her favorite.


i’ll have to dig into her legacy. she’s completely inspiring me!


incredible how everything is so refined

and exquisite


Evans Eerdmans, author of Regency Redux, describes the Castaing look as a “unique blend of Neoclassicism, Proustian Romanticism, and pure wit.”

my girlfriends lynn and janet had a brush with greatness when the found a set of 6 of ms. castaing’s chairs at vignettes! but that’s another night. for now bonne nuit et bon weekend!

Don’t be intimidated by audacity.  Be audacious — but with taste… Don’t get taken in by fashion.  A secret: love your house; love makes miracles. Madeleine Castaing

October 29, 2010. 1920's, 1930's, Decorating, Designers, Madeline Castaing, Syrie-Maugham, Vintage Palm Beach.


  1. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    I love those pieces of furniture…you must convince him to NOT change out the mirror…that would totally ruin them. I’m sure if you and he go into business together and list his pieces in your shop…he’ll find out that they will sell with the mirror as is. I’d kill to go into a store full of stuff like this.


  2. Judith replied:

    Every picture is a dream!!! I have no idea who this designer is and now I’m so curious and an instant fan!!! I have to learn more. I’m off to see what I can find! Thanks for the lead!!! Have a wonderful weekend and a great Halloween!


  3. Acquired Objects replied:

    Love that sconce in the third picture! Please tell that guy not to ruin his piece by changing out the mirror, it’s perfect the way it is! Once again everything is wonderful! Have a fabulous weekend!


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Such a beautiful post. Please don’t tell is he actually replaces the mirrors on those gorgeous vanities. The needlepoint, the lucite, and the antiques are just too much! Thank you for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Dan replied:

    Hey there Claudia,
    Black Lucite…. yum!
    Have a great weekend!


  6. à la parisienne replied:


    One of these days I will post my “boudoir” on my blog and share with you how Madeleine Castaing’s boudoir was my inspiration. I remember trying to research about her and found very little info(Most of the good info was on your blog and a Paris Rooms book!) So, I will definitely be linking up to this post at that time.

    These glamorous furniture pieces are gorgeous. I just rarely come across furniture with these lines in Texas. Perhaps I am not looking in the right places. And WHY would anyone want to change those mirrors on those vanities?!

    Bon week-end!


  7. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Wow! Beautiful treasures, all of them. I especially loved Ms. Castaing’s blue draperies in her amazing living room…sigh!!!


  8. starrydeborah replied:

    That opening photo made me swoon for Paris, which I do pretty often, but lately I’ve been longing to go there and spend time. I seem to always visit that gorgeous city in October and so it has been tugging at my heart lately.
    So your photo filled up a bit of my empty heart today, merci beaucoup Claudia for that little piece of heaven :)
    french blessings,


  9. Nancy replied:

    I always love all your posts but this one really got me. The rooms, furniture, colors, the quote all of it!! Thank you!


  10. lancerika replied:

    The antique shop of Madeleine Castaing in Paris reminds me of a book I’m currently researching for a new painting idea, Paris Then and Now…
    needless to say I love all these vintage beauties!
    MC was such an amazing woman!
    merci for such an inspiration
    wishing you a dreamy w’end all to yourself…
    pure bliss:))


  11. Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit replied:

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us and the beautiful things you find!


  12. julie replied:

    love the antique chandeliers. love. love! however, electricians are not always excited when you request rewiring and hanging of one of those beauties! happy weekend!


  13. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Madeleine is for me a large source of inspiration and an exemple


  14. Design Elements replied:

    beautiful post! happy halloween!


  15. Renae replied:

    Oh my…so many lovelies. I love Mrs. Castaing’s chairs, beautiful!
    (thanks so much for the kind comment on ‘Beautiful Bride’. I am indeed blessed)>
    It would be a delight to travel Paris with you!


  16. Kerry replied:

    New mirror!?!! Don’t like old stuff!?!! What is wrong with people? There were too many gorgeous things in this post to pick a favorite


  17. Irene replied:

    I read the Liaut book about Castaing last year.What a life!..You must read it, you’ll love reading about the person, the ups and downs, the times. I love women’s biographies. By the way,there is a new book out on Chanel by Justine Picardie that I just ordered. Sounds very interesting.

    From the pictures you post, I particularly like the one with the red sofa. She definitively had an eye for composition.

    Thanks so much for your interesting and well illustrated posts. Bon weekend!


  18. amy@maisondecor replied:

    Thanks for following me on twitter or I would never have found your lovely blog! I am going to follow you as I adore all the things you have posted about. Please come by and visit me!


  19. Silvia replied:

    Every image is breathtaking. I’ve gone through this post several times and i can’t get enough. Fabulous.


  20. Kate replied:

    I know that Laduree! I’d like to know more too! Thanks for the tease – I’ll take the bait!


  21. Debbie replied:

    Hi Claudia, These photos are just yummy…i say no to changing mirrors and shining up beautiful patina’s! You may have to throw yourself in front of them in order to save everything (although i hope not)! What can i say about those beautiful shutters…love her style and you for sharing your find with all of us. Hoping you will be back in my area sometime soon (enjoyed every minute)!


  22. The Shutter replied:

    i. love. all of it. great post.


  23. vanuatu accommodation port vila replied:

    I love to see this awesome apartment. Thanks for sharing nice blog.


  24. Suzanne replied:

    So much great stuff to read about. Thanks for all the tips. I’ve got to get that book too!!!


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