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hey guys, happy thursday. i’m in a mellow mood and messing around instead of working (aka: blogging).  seems like i never get a chance to check out my blog stats lately to see who’s coming and going, linking and and leaving those beautiful comments. tonight i went to see what was up and what i got was pure bliss! below are some who passed thru in the last 24 hours.  it’s the ultimate mismash of marvelous magic and  infinite inspiration! thank you for coming by, i could do this all night!


some of these are incoming links


or blogs i get via rss



or friends who stopped by

whathappensnext.typepad.com/what_happens_next or started inspiration mondays



beauty-of-decay.com via parishotelboutique.blogspot.com



suffice it to say i lost track. thank you all for flying by and tossing sparkle!

Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be.

~Karen Raven


have a great night and tgif!

October 22, 2010. Blogroll, Friends.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    You are so sweet. Thank you for the mention. That has got to be the most adorable kitty I have every seen. You made my day.
    Hope that your day is beautiful.


    • Karena replied:

      Such wonderful images, love them all!!

      Art by Karena


  2. Acquired Objects replied:

    Wonderful images and love that kitten.


  3. Claudia replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    I haven’t commented in a while, but rest assured, I always read your blog. I’m catching up on your posts. First of all, Vignettes is one of my favorites shops in the world. I love Lori and everyone who works there. I so wish I could have been there when you were. Isn’t it a fabulous place?

    I do have a dollhouse that I am in the process of restoring. I loved your post on the competition.

    Thanks so much for all the beauty you show us.



  4. yvonne replied:

    Beautiful and interesting post . I will check out the sites.
    Thanks yvonne


  5. Dan replied:

    Beautiful, you are always in such tremendously talented company,


  6. amy replied:

    Love these photos, as usual! I’m not typically a cat person, but that little black kitten is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!


  7. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    The amount of beauty that passes through these blogs just amazes me. I completely understand and fall down the rabbit hole often myself.
    And…the chair and sofa frames…oh, my! I’ll be thinking about what I’d do with them all day!
    –Lee Ann


  8. Abby Jenkins replied:

    Cheeeze, now I know how I am going to spend the rest of my morning, instead of sorting through my summer clothes to donate…..I am going to head to all of these blogs. What enticing photos!


  9. à la parisienne replied:


    Your blog is always a beautiful and pleasant place to land. You are one of my top sources of inspiration and I am so thankful to be friends.



  10. kay ellen replied:

    Thanks for the shout out sweet Claudia!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Beautiful places to visit in blogland…off to check them out:))

    Kay Ellen


  11. jade replied:

    this kitteh is making me die hard right now…
    :) Jade
    p.s. I love that you commented on my “dilettante” post…thanks! ;)


  12. Vicki Archer replied:

    Gorgeous images and wonderful blog links Claudia…..happy weekend, xv.


  13. rita replied:

    I though it looked familiar! (Kay Ellen’s photo). It’s my favorite dress displayed at The Attic store in Coronado Island, Ca.
    Love all the photos, thank you for sharing with us. Ciao Rita mammabellarte


  14. Elle Croft replied:

    Wow – what a collection of amazing pictures!!


  15. lancerika replied:

    Merci for post such beauties,
    always a pleasure to stop by…
    j’adore your blog:)


  16. Christine replied:

    Is that your new kitty-cat?


  17. Bonnie replied:

    The photos are so beautiful and intriguing. I’ve been wanting to discover some new blogs and these are lovely. Oh and look how the cute kitty has her paws folded in front! Enjoy your weekend!


  18. Tracie~My Petite Maison replied:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration, Claudia.


  19. A Gilded Life replied:

    Hi Claudia ~ Thank you so, so much for including us in your post! You inspire us over and over, and the links you provide continue to open up new worlds of creativity and wonder. xoxo


  20. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    The magic sprinkle dust goes both ways Claudia. Thank you for the lovely mention
    and including me in your sparkly post. Love that red store entry! So inspiring as always. XO


  21. Therese Waddell replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I’m so glad you’ve taken some moments of pure sweetness. I was just writing about that! Have a great day, Therese


  22. Dad replied:

    Claude, if you could earn enough from just the wonderful pictures you post, you could spend all your time blogging! BTW, I especially liked Nigella’s library picture.


  23. Carla replied:

    HI Claudia, great to see the wonderful collection of blogs, all so stylish and full of beauty. Thanks for sharing. Carla


  24. Heather replied:

    Gorgeous and delicious as always!

    I like where your Dad’s head is at – wish we could all just post lovely pictures and make a living off of it! ;)


  25. julie replied:

    what a beautiful post. oh so inspiring!!


  26. Annah replied:

    God… Drew Barrymore looks diving in that picture.

    That is Drew Barrymore, right? :)


  27. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    Oh, my goodness, thanks so much for including me in this post, Claudia!!! I always love to stop by your blog and see all the pretty things you share…!!!


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