not all days are good but there’s good in every day

hi guys, hope you’re having a good week. it seems like i’m always playing catch up and not spending enough time playing! well i did wander around a bit on pinterest, do you know about it? my friend lynn told me about it and it’s beyond addictive but at the same time fills a creative need that i’ve been craving. if you need a little eye candy and some new inspiration, head on over. the quote for my title was one i didn’t ‘pin’ but wish i had so if you come across it, let me know. in the meantime, hope you enjoy the fruits of my hard labor!

note: just added-someone sent me this shot of the michigan theater above when it was new:

have a great night and sweet dreams!

October 21, 2010. Blogroll, Decorating, Dollhouses, Dreams, Friends, Photography, Pintrest.


  1. Christina @ My Sparrow and greige replied:

    I know- I love it…


  2. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    I’m addicted to Pinterest as you can see!! Great way of organizing photos, don’t you think?


  3. mydesignchic replied:

    What wonderful photos -The french headboard in the last image…stunning!!


  4. Deborah Milne replied:

    What a fabulous website. Where was this 2 weeks ago when my inspirational veins ran dry? Each image you chose Claudia makes my imagination soar!

    Thank you so much xo


  5. Splendid Sass replied:

    Some parking lot, beautiful tents, beds, and dollhouse. Wonderful site. I got lost in there one afternoon.
    Have a wonderful evening.


  6. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    They sent me an invite today and one a month ago so i signed up today and I know I am the only person to say this but “I don’t have a clue how this works” I am like that old lady wandering around saying “but I’m so confused” Could have been on top of a new iphone4 day so maybe too much overload. You guys know I am 56 right? XO


  7. Karena replied:

    Claudia I am amazed, when will I ever have time to do this !!

    Art by Karena


  8. pamela replied:

    You always show me such beautiful things!


  9. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Must check that site out…these images are killing me!
    That tufted headboard, that dollhouse…on and on!
    –Lee Ann


  10. Kelsi replied:

    loving the whimsy.


  11. Acquired Objects replied:

    Love the tents on the beds, now I must go check out that site!


  12. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Fabulous as always! I was blown away by the image of the parking garage…spectacular space…wasted on cars!!!!


  13. Dad replied:

    As always, a great blog. The saddest picture ever seen has to be the Detroit theater car park. Can this view of the future be “coming to a city near you?”


  14. jade replied:

    Wonderful dollhouse…when I was a kid, one of my favorite books was called “Doll’s Houses” by Shirley Glubok; so funny that I remember her name!


  15. lancerika replied:

    The Dollhouse is beyond beautiful {sighs)
    how do you do it Claudia?
    endless source of inspiration…


  16. Suzanne replied:

    Every picture is a feast for the eyes!


  17. Abby Jenkins replied:

    the theatre car park is completely depressing but everything else ou la la!


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