big players playing (doll) house

Lonny Dollhouse: Dorothy Draper With a Modern Twist

happy friday everybody! i’m chillin tonight working and just wanted to stop by for minute and say hello! there’s nothing i’d like more than to finish up and play but a couple hundred unanswered emails are calling so it’s just a brief and shining moment out of the minutia.   i did come across something fun and hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

of all things, curbed is having a dollhouse competition! house beautiful, lonny, elle decor!?  the voting is over now but i’m glad to see we’re all still kids at heart! check it out:

‘What happens when the brightest stars in shelter media, women and men whose job it is to separate spectacular homes from the simply ridiculously beautiful homes, are presented with that Lilliputian wonder we call a dollhouse? That’s exactly what Curbed’s Operation Dollhouse is endeavoring to find out. Right this second, dapper designer James Andrew is delivering dollhouses to Vanessa Holden of Martha Stewart Living, Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest, Michael Boodro of Elle Decor, Newell Turner of House Beautiful, Michelle Adams of Lonny and Sam Grawe of Dwell. Their task? Revamp, renovate, decorate or demo! The dollhouse is theirs to keep, all that we ask is that they photograph the results. And because this bunch does nothing without a deadline, here it is: 12 noon on Friday, Oct. 1. We’ll begin publishing the results Oct. 5. We hope everyone will want to play!

The houses aren’t arriving empty, by the way—each has a magazine-specific dowry of goods and accessories, vignettes of which were shot by photographer Michael Grimm, whose images of full-sized houses have appeared in several of the chosen mags.’

here are the final designs!

lonny magazine

house beautiful

House Beautiful Dollhouse: Cinematic Moody Blues

elle decor

Elle Decor Dollhouse: Signature Style Looks Ahead

i love that an uninvited design student threw his hat into the ring:

so of course i had to play along!

the paris apartment!

haha! what about you? do you have a dollhouse?

have a great weekend!

October 15, 2010. Dollhouses.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    I want a dollhouse! I don’t think we ever grow up. Oh you are so darling. Love the little room with the French furnishings. Just darling. You win!
    Have a great evening.


  2. Judith replied:

    The Paris Apartment for sure wins!!! Love it! You’ve been doing this long before the mags! Cute post!!!


  3. Acquired Objects replied:

    I used to have a huge dollhouse and played with it all the time renovating until I gave it away to a friends daughter.Love what you did with your dollhouse, how fun!


    • yvonne replied:

      I had a small dollhouse as a child.You know thats a great Idea for a window display. You could have two and always have it ready for display.
      Have a fun weekend, I am taking pictures of the leaves. My neighbor’s tree fell 50 ft tall across my lawn and took down the fence.


  4. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    I have been crazy about miniatures ever since my paternal grandmother gave me the most beautiful set of saphire blue velvet Victorian parlor furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation since the first girl got it in 1890. The name of each girl and the year is written on the bottom of the sofa to keep a record of who and when. I got it from my dad’s mother who had three boys, so it skipped a generation when I got it…plus since I was her only grand-daughter, I got all the girly stuff-jewelry, dishes, etc. I’ve always wanted to do a room up. Thanks for showing us more fun stuff, Claudia!
    –Lee Ann


  5. M-T replied:

    Can you feel nostalgic for something you never had?? I would have given anything to have had a doll house like any of these when I was a child.

    Although…….I did start a collection of miniature shoes, some of which I still have.

    Like Lee Ann, I have always been mad for miniatures.

    Beautiful post, Claudia.


  6. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    I can’t believe i never had a dollhouse, and I have always wanted one.
    Maybe when I retire. Fun post Claudia so glad you shared it.


  7. Kelly Grace replied:

    I have a dollhouse that I’m restoring for a friend right now and this was just the inspiration I needed. Claudia, where did you get the wallpaper for yours?


  8. lancerika replied:

    if I was small enough, I would pack my tiny little bags and move right inside the paris apartment!
    Merci for sharing in the dollhouse FuN:)


  9. Khrystine replied:

    I love it! All my dolls want to live in yours. ;)


  10. Fiona replied:

    When my daughter was little I wanted a large dollshouse but never got it. I so hope one day to get one and do it up, all very french of course. Love what you did with yours, especially the walls. Yours is my fave by far!


  11. Renée replied:

    I don’t have one, but after seeing this… So adorable!!


  12. Jane F @ Atticmag replied:

    Too hilarious, especially the lips sofa in mini. Sad to say they remind me a lot of that plot line on CSI. Need to come back and spend some time here. Thanks for stopping by. Jane f.


  13. Melissa replied:

    C ~
    We just found the most exquisite vintage dollhouse for the crumb! It is huge and needs some TLC! This post is timely for our design ‘board’ ideas of how to begin the process of ‘making it a home’. Any good thoughts of where to begin looking for incredible furniture/decor like you have in your slice of perfection?


  14. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Wow! I am in Lilliputian wonderment!!!!! This is so cool, no I don’t have a doll house but if I did,I wouldn’t mind one like these!!!!!!Maryanne xo


  15. Bonnie replied:

    I like yours the best Claudia. The others are adorable too. I still have my old dollhouse and furniture, Petite Princess the same kind as yours, plus some antique doll furniture of my Mom’s and Grandma’s. Wouldn’t it be interesting if your photographer, Michael Grimm, was related to “The Brothers Grimm, the Fairy Tale writers?


  16. Bonnie replied:

    Humm… just reading up on the Brothers Grimm and learned they didn’t actually write the Fairy Tales, but were “collectors of folk tales, not their authors.” More here…


  17. Deborah Milne replied:

    Such fun to see all the fun, thank you Claudia. I can’t think of a more pleasant project to be part of.Indeed makes you feel like a kid again. I’ll take that over being an adult any day! Yours and Lonny’s hands-down the best.

    Cheers & how you are doing very well this week?
    xo xo


  18. Smalltown Mom replied:

    I am just crazy about the Petite Princess dollhouse furniture!


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