my heart is at home

bon soir guys, hope you’re having a great saturday night. i am happily home alone and can’t tell you how much life has changed because my apartment has. it’s amazing to be living with constant inspiration.

i have to thank you again for pushing and encouraging all this. not sure why i got obsessed with the contest, maybe just wanted to see if i could do it. and apparently needed to.

guess whatever it takes, right? well neither liz or i know how to do anything more than shoot a video, forget editing it with music and story line in 3 minutes.  but it just so happened that the guy who came to build the ikea cabinet for the printer (below left corner)! said he could edit if we shot it so we gave it a whirl.  but i had it set to high hi res and it can only be 10 mb and it’s 20. if they don’t accept it i’ll  post it here cause you’ll get a kick out of it!

anyway i just wanted to share some shots and the couple new additions i got cause of you!

you were so right about the desk. it was basically custom made for the place. and by the by it was a steal at the sugar chest antique mall in pompano.

so now i’m home and for the first time in awhile i don’t have wanderlust. i have the impossible: apartment lust! what a difference to walk through the door now. it’s like an altered universe and didn’t take much. and it was worth it all just to get the wires off the floor. what an aesthetic relief! ok well, it’s that magic hour so i’m off to chill awhile. hope you have a fabulous night where ever you are!

October 3, 2010. Decorating, Florida, Miami.


  1. Cris replied:

    I’m excited for you. Being content with where you are is such a luxurious happiness.


  2. Courtney @ nesting instincts replied:

    Claudia, ALL of these images are inspiring! And speaking of inspiring, I just caught up on all your recent posts about your own apartment makeover. You know, I can totally relate to your “before” pics…sometimes I’m mortified to have friends/clients see my own home, because it is often neglected! You have breathed fresh air into your home and it is stunning. You’ve gotten a LOT accomplished in just a few days! Thanks for being so transparent and sharing this journey with us.


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys…i am teary! i really meant it when i said how much your words motivated me. i love my bloggers and if i can’t be myself here, then where, right? i’m so happy you came along for the ride and hope you share some of your after pics. mortification is overrated!


  4. vicki replied:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m thrilled for you and know exactly how that feels. I am guilty and desperate myself now–I have still a couple of rooms to clear and make beautiful. But if I went to Paris often like you do, I would use everything for my own house first-and then sell them off as I get tired of them, and then go on the trip again, decorate with the new finds, and then cycle continues. Love your fluffy couch/blogging place. Well done!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      you got it! but don’t have to go to paris to do that! there’s so much everywhere.
      and your business model? that’s what web boutiques are for :)
      as for the desperation, i think there are a lot of us out there. i wonder why we suffer when it’s such a fine line and so easy to change.


  5. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Looks great!! I missed a lot of posts when I took my blog “vacation” –catching up now


  6. Linda replied:

    Your home is now as gorgeous, stylish and welcoming as you are!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    no, you! how about coming over for brunch tomorrow? we’ll break it in!


  8. allie dillon replied:

    Hello Claudia,

    Absolutely stunning. And refreshing. Now I’m trying to picture my 95lb Irish Wolfhound and 30lb Terrier fitting into the beautiful scene! Ah, I still have chandeliers as their fur doesn’t circulate that high. Beauty where we can, eh? Thanks for the wonderful respite. All my best, Allie Dillon, Austin


  9. pgaudet replied:

    Incroyable!! You are inspiring me in my own endeavor!!


  10. Judith replied:

    So excited for you Clauia, there is nothing quite like the feeling of home. I love it! The chandie and the incredible wall display with sea elements…Just fantastic! Congrats! I’m going to go clean my living rom now!


  11. Nita@ModVintageLife replied:

    I’m loving your apartment now. Especially the little desk with the lucite shelf over it and the ocean stuff on it. That wall just sings. Is that chalkboard vinyl on your refrigerator? I am loving that idea.

    Now your place actually looks like a place you would live in instead of a seedy motel.

    I absolutely love the ashtray. I find myself drawn lately to smoking paraphernalia. I absolutely hate smoking but love chic ashtrays and lighters. Just today I saw a big crystal ashtray I was so tempted to buy.

    How did the BF like the redo?


  12. Erica replied:

    So pretty! You have great taste my dear. Hope to connect soon. Paris? New York? xo Erica


  13. Chez Loulou replied:

    What a gorgeous, comfortable space! You are truly inspiring.


  14. Merisi, Vienna replied:

    Absolutely fabulous, congratulations,
    you are a winner already! :-)

    Just love your Apartment Lust mode!!!


  15. Lindsey replied:

    Your space is stunning! I’d love to have you come into my Paris apartment and change some things around =)


  16. Sarah @ Natural History (and Passementerie!) replied:

    I love it! I love the restful colours and the comfy sofa – I adore the tree print.

    I’m trying to decorate our brand spanking new garden room now on an ebay budget – the only sofabed I could afford is a goldy/creamy colour, so all the accessories are duck-egg blue (and many stolen from Natural History!!).


  17. Paris replied:

    c’est magnifique claudia, bien sur!


  18. Acquired Objects replied:

    Your home now looks so inviting and so warm, I’m am loving that chest you purchased! So glad you’re happier in your newly remodeled abode.


  19. Nicole at The Princess & The Pea replied:

    The apartment is amazing!


  20. Splendid Sass replied:

    Oh my goodness. It is like night and day! I loved that desk when you posted it, and I love it more now. It looks perfect there. Everything looks beautiful.
    You have done quite a job, and you should be proud of yourself.
    Have a nice weekend in your beautiful apartment.


  21. Kate replied:

    Oh, it looks soooo amazing. It’s calming and peaceful and really feeds me just looking at it; I can imagine it does wonders for you sitting in it. The desk absolutely MAKES it! I’m so happy for you. A home that takes care of us is de rigeur!


  22. liza replied:

    Mazel Tov Claudia. You must be so happy. Great job, it looks beautiful, and comfortable.


  23. Jean replied:

    Wow, it looks great!! Amazing transformation. The desk is perfection.


  24. yvonne replied:

    That desk is soooo beautiful. I would have bought it
    even with no place for it. Infact I’d get rid of something to find a spot for it. Not Pompano Fla???



  25. Angella Lister replied:

    Wow, speechless. How lovely your space is now, what a transformation! I am where you were, needing to roll my sleeves up and show my apartment some love. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  26. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Thanks for inspiring your readers! There’s always a mantle, closet or pantry that can always use and pretty update. I’ve been looking for some laundry room ideas for something pretty with a little glam…I’m thinking of hanging a chandelier and putting in a small but pretty french table for folding in there. Any ideas out there anyone?
    –Lee Ann


  27. Petit replied:

    I just adore your apartment and cannot believe you have this chic plate! I’m really impressed with your taste! The place looks great for chillaxing (as my friend describes it)! Keep putting some pics, because I just love the space! :o)


  28. Janet (shabbyfufu) replied:

    Hey Claudia, looks great & I’m especially loving the coral! My mom lives literally 5 minutes from The Sugar Chest…I’ve never had much luck there myself unfortunately. Gonna call your Paris apt rental friend tomorrow….booked a trip in a few weeks! xo,Janet


  29. Evita replied:

    I love it all, I really do!


  30. Karena replied:

    Ooh that is a gorgeous desk …..I adore it and your new decor. The pillows, the palette!!

    Art by Karena


  31. Caroline C replied:

    Can I move in? =] Your apartment is a dream. I am beyond jealous. You have such an eye for finding beautiful things. And I am so in love with the desk! What a beautiful piece.

    Have a lovely evening.



  32. theparisapartment replied:

    wow, hi guys! i took off sunday and was thrilled to get your too sweet notes. you’re the best and why i blog! i’m coming to visit each of you and thank you again for all your notes. i wonder if you know how powerful you are?!


  33. Kristin replied:

    What gorgeous shots! I’m especially enamored with the gorgeous throw pillows!


  34. lancerika replied:

    An impressive example of a creative hand!
    You now have your own*Paris Apartment*in Miami.
    what a beautiful and inspiring home..
    Merci for visiting and offering your kind words:)


  35. Paris in Pink replied:

    You’ve created a deliciously cosy and chic home. Lovely, lovely, lovely…. and impressive, as always :) Paris in Pink


  36. Erin replied:

    I love your site. The pics are inspiring me to really work on my bedroom boudoir. I have a chandelier that I’m going to redo, among other projects. I’m going to add you to my site!


  37. Andi replied:

    Fantastic job, just gorgeous!


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