palm beach stories

hi guys, happy tuesday. i’ve been laying low the past few days. my bf leaves tomorrow so i’ll be back on the case to finish by the 30th for this contest. working on the apartment for a few days and then taking as many off let me enjoy the space and figure out what else we need.  turns out, not much. a tray for his keys and glasses, a chair. One of the best parts of the makeover was the in-between spaces it created cause i can visualize  infinite possibilities there. now that’s meditation!

anyway going thru pics from last week before the whole thing started, i came across the folder from the earlier part of the day in a palm beach collective that just got shelved.  there were a couple things that stuck with me and could work in the apt now that i’m decorating and all.

but first things first, nobody puts these babies on a shelf!

i know you love these charmant belles as much as i do

i guess i was in a porcelain mood getting goofy

i’m a sucker for the sweetie pie 20s!


ahem…! back to my chic apartment  :p

i do have a wishlist

these aren’t on it but i adore them:

early 50s paint by numbers

they would look great with the frames painted absolutely anything else

so back to the apartment. the pieces below would be great final touches

tiny handmade desk

and chartreuse velvet bergere

for le boudoir

we need a lamp and shade. pink vintage ribbon, yum

schiapparelli velvet rococo chairs

i know i’m getting carried away but i love to!

icart is endlessly amusing

and in the bath, this old light

pink lucite mag rack

and these

ok, so much for a quick hello! more soon, have a great week!

September 29, 2010. Palm Beach Vintage.


  1. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    Hope your well, I’m still here, following your adventures.
    Could you tell me whom I should contact to get my dirty palms on those divine 1950s paint by number pictures? They would be perfect for a project I’m working on.

    Love as always, your very British friend, Sadie xx


  2. Acquired Objects replied:

    Paint those frames black on the paintings and they would be so charming in any room. We know you couldn’t have walked out without buying something so do tell?


  3. Jean replied:

    Love that light!! And the paint-by-numbers are so cute. But I really love that light best. And the little desk. And the bergere. Okay, I love it all. I HAVE to go shopping with you!


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    I am happy that you are having fun with this project. You are doing great! I love the desk. Let me repeat, I LOVE THAT DESK. The chairs are gorgeous. Oh heck, it’s all gorgeous. Although I am not that into lucite yet, I do like that rose colored magazine rack. Just enough.
    Can’t wait to see!


  5. Mary replied:

    Claudia… I love all your finds in the Palm Beach Stories post. Would you mind sharing where you found the Schiapparelli Velvet Rococo Chairs? Maybe you could post a list of the best shops for Paris Apartment finds!!


  6. Kate replied:

    Oh baby, you are on a roll. Don’t Stop. Grab those paint by numbers now!


  7. Judith replied:

    Love it all Claudia! I;m swooning for the velvet chairs…all of them! And, the light fixture…ooh la la! Have a great visit with your honey!!!


    • beverley christenson replied:

      Claudia, have followed your ideas and inspirations for years and had you mentioned in an article of mine in Queensland Homes in Australia, had you send me some of your books through osopretty for my clients.
      So keep up the good work
      cheers beverley


  8. Lee Ann at The French Maids Place replied:

    Oh, Claudia! Those chairs! I am such a fan of Schiapparelli…I may do a post about her on my blog, she was such an interesting character. The Icart gets to me, too. I have a fabulous one hanging in my powder room! They are always THE most glamorous images! Thanks for giving us a peek!


  9. Carey S. replied:

    you have just given us the best eye candy ever! i just love the chartreuse louis bergere chair! oh, and those paint by numbers paintings were amazing, too. but the best thing for me was that pink lucite magazine rack! that was just killer!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i went back for the chair but it’s been glued and repaired in a bunch of places. note to self: look for chartreuse velvet!


  10. lancerika replied:

    Fabulous finds Claudia!
    love the infinite
    possibilities of your vision..
    the charmant belles are so 20’s..
    maybe I should make my paintings by numbers :)
    would you like to visit moi?
    all the best


  11. phyllis replied:

    EVERY time I go flea marketing….I think of you b/c there are Paris Apartment possibilities everywhere!


  12. Deb - Pink Pig replied:

    Love that Icart!


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