change of plans

hey guys happy friday! i had big plans for the weekend reno but just got a call that my guy is surprising me for the weekend so i’m scrambling to clean and touch up. i guess it will be good to share the changes with him but really wish the corner unit was built so he could put all his stuff in it. i should make him put it together!   ;p

i was about to head upstairs to play with these chartreuse silk shams liz found but that will have to wait. instead, i’m replacing the kitchen fixture with an antique bulb,  dug out the cozy blankets now that i have a basket! and do the boring stuff like paint white high gloss white on the front door and table tops.

so i have to get cleaned up, i look like a hausfrau and that’s being kind!

hope you get some of your own projects done. even one feels good. bon weekend mes chers amis!

September 24, 2010. Decorating, Florida.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    You are one busy lady. You have a wonderful weekend with your boyfriend. He is going the love your place. The pillows are gorgeous.


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    i get it done when i’m motivated and am a big lazy sloth when i’m not! anyway it’s his apartment so i hope he likes it too ;p


  3. annawithlove replied:

    Have a great weekend!! Goodluck with the reno’s!


  4. pamela replied:

    Finished projects!
    Yes I’m hoping for some of those this weekend.


  5. Karena replied:

    Have a fun, fun weekend!! It does make one pick up, clean up, freshen up!!

    Art by Karena


  6. liz Morten replied:

    Hello: I’m swinging back to take a peek at what you are up to. Scramble babe, and lose the hausfrau. We bloggy women spend far too much time in our p.j.’s talking about beauty while we look like @#$%.


  7. Bonnie replied:

    It’s great to see how you transform a place… and motivating for me to tackle my own. You’re so lucky to have a helpful friend like Liz, and a great boyfriend who lets you redo the place too! Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend! Bonnie


  8. carla coulson replied:

    Hi so great to meet you in Paris. Love to catch up on where you are and what beauty you are bringing to the world… Carla


  9. Acquired Objects replied:

    Love those pillow shams Liz found. Don’t worry your projects will be waiting for you wen you get done playing, your apartment is looking amazing. Have fun this weekend! (P.S. Guess what I pulled out yesterday from my bookshelve…your book, I forgot I even had it and it’s wonderful seeing it again!)


  10. 2 Zimmer Wohnung replied:

    These fotos are awsome :). Please more from this!!


  11. Paris in Pink replied:

    Salut! Just to say I’ve stumbled upon this beautiful blog of yours and am totally inspired :) Off to read some more now! Paris in Pink


  12. Dad replied:

    Hey, Claude, have you been documenting all this reno on video? As usual, your pix are spot on and might also be the source of something but, as with your prior videos, this one could be so entertaining. Think about it as I’m sure you already have.


  13. Eddie Ross replied:

    Hoping you had a wonderful weekend! Gorgeous photos!



  14. lancerika replied:

    Looking forward to your next
    reno adventure!
    you make me smile:)


  15. Merisi replied:

    What a transformation already! :-)


  16. Posie Patchwork replied:

    What a lovely surprise & distraction!! Renovation can wait, love Posie


  17. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    The Schiaparelli chairs are lovely , they make me think about 2 armchairs that I have in my show room and that match perfectly with them


  18. Therese Waddell replied:

    Yes, have a great weekend Claudia.I’ll be in the garden with snow peas and French beans up to my waist! What fun! Therese


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