it’s a mighty fine line

between good and great, especially when it comes to photography. i took hundreds of shots in paris and even have a new camera. but there is no rhyme or reason for this art/science. it’s just  proof that magic happens. you just have to be there to capture it. i got lost awhile in some of these photogs’ work and will spend a lot more studying why i’m drawn to each with such awe. taking a class on photography is something i’d love to do but at the same time, these shots speak volumes in their silent moments. i’ve got a lot of ‘studying’ to do! just wanted to say happy tuesday and hope you enjoy these! a tout alors!



September 14, 2010. Photography.


  1. Melissa replied:

    C ~
    I’m completely drooling over these images…you always compile the most beautiful of everything!


  2. Miss Amy replied:

    red fingernails…and that clutch! beautiful images.


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    short red nails at that!


  4. Kate replied:

    Wow! You found all the highlights of Paris! You made my day. Loved catching up on your trip. I hope it was everything you wanted. Keep up your positive passion. You’re an inspiration.


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    oh thank you! honestly, you guys are my inspiration!


  6. Alexandra replied:

    These photographs are so fantastic!! So many sites to visit. Merci! xox ~ Alexandra


  7. Splendid Sass replied:

    Gorgeous images! Can’t wait to see more.


  8. Jean replied:

    Those are great photos, but yours definitely stand up to those. And I am not just saying that because I am married to your brother! You have a great eye for intriguing detail, and your photos are very natural, not stage-y, like some of the photos you posted are.


  9. Bardot in Blue replied:

    ah i am so excited to be featured here! thanks for making me feel like a star today and I am so happy that you like my picture! I am even more thrilled to discover all these other beautiful images and off to go check out who is behind them! It was sooo nice to meet you in person while you were here and realllllly hope we can get together again on your next trip!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    PS I adored Claudia #2 as well! What a riot!


  10. mpgirrrl replied:

    such an amazing collection of photos! loved them all!
    but it gave me a sad sentiment I have to admit. Now I want to go to Paris again!


  11. Carey S. replied:

    you have an impeccable eye! love these gorgeous pics. beauty is everywhere you look in paris.


  12. betsy replied:

    You have outdone yourself. The pastel stone buildings are stunning. Oh to live in such a place.


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    omg you’re all totally inspiring me!


  14. Dianne replied:

    I love these pics so gorgeous! my favourite 2 are the pic from -citypictures- and that fab sidewalk pic from-danheller- Great way to start my day!


  15. lancerika replied:

    Great subjects tend to lend
    themselves to great pictures..
    merci for your kind visit:))


  16. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Thanks for these inspiring photos . You are the queen of Paris


  17. Irene replied:

    Oh dear! So much beauty!!! Thank you so much!


  18. rita replied:

    I am so glad you stopped by mammabellarte! One click of a button and I found your blog and it is indeed so delizioso! Ciao Rita


  19. Paris in Pink replied:

    Thanks for featuring me here! Love the other images as well :)


  20. Thomas replied:

    I absolutely love every single one of these images :) great collection. you might also add this :)


  21. Kris Nataro replied:

    fantastico grazie


  22. Patrick Nagle replied:

    Your site is making me hungry for Paris….it’s a movie!
    Great work…please be in touch with me.
    Sincerely, P


  23. Annetta replied:

    Thank you so much…what a lovely way to pass this beautiful sunday afternoon. Everything about these photos spoke to me and touched my soul. Glory to God


  24. Luminave replied:

    Love your pics!
    I can get some inspirations. If you want, check out our collection:

    (you can find our blog and our store too!)


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