down on fascination street

bonjour encore! i love sharing pics with you guys cause no one appreciates them like you do! paris is full of old monuments and museums that never change, (old and cold and settled in its ways as joni mitchell would say). that’s just not the paris for me. i love the one that  changes every weekend.

of course the fact that the fleas have been happening every weekend for hundreds of years is certainly a constant that shouldn’t be overlooked. in fact, the persistence of the people who come together each weekend to make the magic happen is staggering feat in itself.

i love that you can count on these guys being here, playing cards or dominoes, laughing and listening to music every weekend.

but the real fascination is with what they bring in cause although it’s always a variation of a theme, the theme never gets old. (for me anyway)!  like, i’ve never seen a mirrored radio. suffice it to say there are always one-of-a kind treasures.

same steets, different stuff! i know i should mix it up and should leave paris for the outskirts more often but she holds my full attention every time.

what a labor of love to head to the outskirts of france and shop for goodies to bring back to us. a dealer friend was telling us how he spends his time traveling 55o kilometers each week gathering treasures from around the countryside to display and sell. i could go for a life like that!

wouldn’t these be magical in a garden?

anyway this is all totally random. i have taken a million shots as usual and just opened a file and let it all hang out.

just thought you’d enjoy the tour and a little daydreaming with me.

i wish i could buy it all!  i guess that’s the beauty of shopping with clients and i love when they get something wonderful!

ok, i better wrap it up. one more day to entertain the gang and we’re going to hit a market in the city, marche d’aligre. it’s a good little one that looks grimy from a distance but there’s of course always a gem if you’re willing to get down and dirty. it’s rainy and cold so it’s back to de rigeur paris. more later!

September 8, 2010. Clignancourt Market Paris, Fleamarkets, Marché aux Puces, Marche d'Aligre Paris, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Paris Trip, Porte de Vanves Paris.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    All of these are beautiful, but the mirrored radio is perfect!
    Have a nice day.


  2. Acquired Objects replied:

    That mirrored radio and those pharmacy jars are wonderful. We’re glad you like sharing your pictures because we do love them. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!


  3. Miss Amy replied:

    At each photo, I mentally recorded a comment I wanted to make….And then I realized that I was losing track of what I wanted to say….because EACH photo is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. I do have a special place in my heart for vintage post cards. I love getting and sending mail…Someday I would love if I could be creative and create something artistic with some of the beautiful post cards I’ve received or collected.


  4. susi replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I like the ceramics plates patterns, and the lace in your previous post, of course. But best I like that mirror radio, never seen something that cool before.
    still here every now and then and trying to catch up…



  5. Dad replied:

    I know you’re taking hundreds of photos and wondering what and when to do something with them but if you do nothing but offer us the ones you post on your blog you’ve accomplished your mission. Until these pictures I had absolutely no idea what the Paris fleas had to offer even with my own limited acquaintance from years ago. You bring them to life. Keep on shooting!


  6. Sandra Conti replied:

    Oh I am so in love with that mirrored cabinet that I dream of finding something like this one of these days. Only in Paris!!


  7. Lelanie replied:


    I love your pics! They are stunnig. I am a big Paris/France lover.

    This really is a feast for the senses….


  8. francine Gardner replied:

    So sorry we could not get together in paris…next time I must spend more than my usual two days. i did not get a chance to go to the “Puces” but was glad to see your great pics… A une autre fois..I hope, Francine


  9. Carey S. replied:

    the mirrored radio is amazing, but those moss covered mushrooms? ah, they are to die for, just stunning! how i wish they were in my garden right now. thanks for such great pics!


  10. Alexandra replied:

    Such fun pictures. Pretty graffiti (sp?). Have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra


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