my mishmash

i know she’s playing the piano but i see her as if she’s on the computer…an early blogger! hi guys, just wanted to post some of the latest candy coming out of gay paree this trip.

i’ve got my eye on lots of patterns and old designs in wallpaper and tile

trims and architectural peices.

paris is my go to place for ideas, inspiration and the deep dose of creativity i crave to continue.

i’m letting it all free flow and seeing where it takes me but am mainly looking at flat pieces to ship back like doors and mouldings.

we stumbled onto an old warehouse around the back of  clignancourt i’d forgotten about for years.

it was of course, a treasure trove!

and now, our clients are packing up, shipping their goodies and heading back. my time is my own and i’m re-evaluating everything. how i want to work, what i really enjoy doing and how to expand my little world.

it was great to have all my friends around me to come home to each night (mb below) and they’re the perfect sounding boards full of advice and encouragement for taking on a new direction to refine my trips and the way i’m doing business.

but tomorrow’s another day so for now, a last supper with the whole gang and a night ride through paris at night with our favorite taxi driver. he knows where all the good apartments are lit up with their chandeliers and mouldings so i’ll be on the hunt with my new camera ;p

and so, bonne nuit, cher amis!

September 7, 2010. Fleamarkets, France, Marché aux Puces, Paris Flea Markets, Paris Trip.


  1. Splendid Sass replied:

    So much beautiful! Have a nice day.


  2. pamela replied:

    Wonderful post!
    Wonderful blue doors.


  3. The Shutter replied:

    Amazing images.


  4. Deborah Milne replied:

    All these sights and treasures and the news of this trip just makes me happy. I don’t think I would be able to sleep once there knowing there is so much to cover and to soak in; hopefully to buy!

    So happy to read that you’ve had great fun. You’ve built a magnificent business, and life. For this you must be so proud. I hope you add some new images to the Keys to the Fleas app. The photo of the blue doors & the doll house (?) would be great additions to your already beautiful photos.

    Enjoy the rest of this trip Claudia & that magnificent taxi ride.

    Cheers xx Deb


  5. Acquired Objects replied:

    Such treasures and I could go for a pair of doors or shutters please! Enjoy your night ride around Paris, sounds wonderful!


  6. kay ellen replied:

    you are killing me with the photos of these treasures!! Ugh!

    Kay Ellen


  7. Kerry replied:

    I think I want your life–at least for a little while.


  8. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Claudia, Just envision it and it will be yours! You have seen, done, been so many different things – the world is yours to conquer!



  9. Miss Amy replied:

    Ohhh. Those blue doors have my heart.


  10. aha replied:

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    Thanks for the well thought out and well-written articles!


  11. Fiona replied:

    I’d love those urns and plynths!And the night ride sounds so exciting.Can I have the name of the driver cos I’d love to do that next time?Fiona


  12. Heather replied:

    That wallpaper! *swoon*
    Looks like another fabulous trip. I think once I can go to Paris, I’ll never want to leave!


  13. Dianne replied:

    What a wonderful post! and how pretty are those gorgeous pieces of lace! oh! and the blue doors they would look good at my place ~ lovely ambiance in these pics! and how fabulous to have a taxi driver who knows all the right places for great photo takes ~ I’m looking forward to more.


  14. Andrea J. Phillips replied:


    WHAT is this?

    I love it so much, it is going to haunt my dreams! I don’t suppose you bought it and brought it back to have on hand for a future client … ?

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website! Trying to convince my husband that we should get an antique mirrored nightstand, he said, “If you found one called ‘the Paris,’ we would definitely get it.” I googled “the Paris” and “mirrored nightstand” and your site (the page with the mirrored vanity) came up.

    I’m in love.


  15. Dawn Edmonson replied:

    Such deliciousness!!!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share all of the beauty you see ~ so many of us will never visit but LOVE, love visiting and seeing all of the beauty via your blog ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn


  16. Linda replied:

    I’m really enjoying your postings on Paris. You have certainly found some beautiful corners.


  17. Sandra Conti replied:

    I’m in love with all these photos, I want everything I see in these pictures, especially the tile, and those blue French doors. Shit, I’ve got to go to Paris, enough of this crap day dreaming all the time!


  18. Sandra Conti replied:

    Oh and the paintings of the lady at the table and the ladies in bathing suites abive the ‘fake’ building which is so cool.. So charming!!


  19. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    It was great to meet you Claudia and everyone should know how beautiful you are in person! I do have a great pic of you which certainly shows your great smile and as soon as I get organized I will email it over to you. I adore your side of Paris and love, love that house, actually I think I want it! Hope you are recovering from your most creative journey and keep doing what you do best. Much love XO


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