and they all came together

i can’t take credit for it cause all i had to do was show up. but the rendezvous at les deux magots was all that and more!

i’m sure someone got a good pic but this was the best in my bunch. it was an incredible hour of meeting friends both old and new and i hope you can meet them and check out their talent and passion for this city.

who was there:

a gift wrapped life

bardot in blue

a soft place to land

eye prefer paris

carla loves photography

french essence

bonjour romance

an eye for detail

my french country life

enjoy! gotta go,  it’s 8am and i’m already late,  more soon!

September 6, 2010. Friends, les Deux Magots, Paris, Paris Restaurants.


  1. Julienne replied:

    …and don’t we all wish we were there too!


  2. isabel replied:

    Wow..all those blondes!
    Am doing a little research..what was the average age? I love my morning blog mail reading but have a feeling there is a little wilderness in blogland for us ab fabs in the 60 plus corner … we have a longer backwards glance of things a shorter futuristic view view and skewered perspectives. of what now ? .we are trying to make sense of where we are and what we want without being on the skirts and shirt tails of our adorable kids of 38 plus who have it all(!!) and wedged in between mum and dad at 80…Will check the bloggers who were present and see where I fit.


  3. Claudia Tessler replied:

    Couldn’t help but feel like there was so much energy in the room.We truly took over LES DEUX MAGOTS.


  4. Splendid Sass replied:

    Look at all the ladies fortunate enough to be in the beautiful city of Paris! I know that you have all had a wonderful time. Now…we wan’t to see pictures! Have a safe trip home.


  5. sharon replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    So sorry we didn’t have the chance to greet one another yesterday evening, although the table wasn’t THAT long! Maybe there’ll be another opportunity.
    Kind regards
    My French Country Home


  6. Renae replied:

    I want you to know that I am the loveliest shade of green right now. I know a fab time was had by all!


  7. kay ellen replied:

    what fun!! love getting together with follow artists and blogger’s :)

    hope you had a wonderful weekend Claudia!

    Kay Ellen


  8. FrenchBlue replied:

    Dear Claudia!
    This is So fun seeing everyone! The only one I can pick out of the group is Bardot in Blue and Vicki A. Who is who???


  9. J. Is a Bird replied:

    What fun what fun, how exciting for every one! Heats to you all in Paris while enjoying my So Cal sunshine.



  10. Cynthia replied:

    Can’t wait for you to link the people to the blogs …


  11. aneyefordetail replied:

    I’ll speak up right now: I’m the second one in from the left!
    Thanks Claudia, for putting it together and for the pic! We will have to do it again some time……


  12. A Vintage Girl replied:

    I too am completely envious! It is my goal to get to Paris some time in the near future. I would love to go on one of these AMAZING shopping trips with you. I’m sure you all had a magical time. I too look forward to the links so I can see the related blog entry from each LUCKY lady! Thanks for sharing. Your blog, website and style is simply divine!


  13. Matilde replied:

    wooow! y todas son rubias!, hola!, desde hace un año veo tu blog, estudio diseño de moda tengo 22 años y a mi mama le encanta parisapartment! de hecho ella me paso el dato! y en serio, tienes cosas muy bonitas y para inspirarse y dejarte llevar para soñar!, tambien veo otros blogs de tus compañeras, que repito woow todas son rubiAS!. jaja! :) felicitaciones a todoas y mucho exito!! Desde Mexico y Nicaragua!


  14. Fifi Flowers replied:

    What a FABuLOUS meet up!!!!


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