switching it up

wow paris has been a whirlwind to say the least. we’ve been up one side and down the other. between the fleas and the maison objet, i’ve been working with madelyn of paris perfect to check out some of her other apartments and move around a bit. we spent the past couple days in this magnificent flat near the bon marche. it has two beautiful bedrooms and all the trimmings we girls could ask for. they call it the valencay, and it’s very dramatic with lots of color and style in a fantastic location:  Valencay Paris apartment rental

but as fate would have it, the apartment was booked for the second part of our trip so we’re switching over. we all seem to be the sorts who don’t mind packing up treking to another place and i must say, our nomad spirit paid off. we are in the most gorgeous place yet, the musigny. this one is near the louvre and the montorgeuil market and has everything we could ask for from pretty bedrooms to le grand salon and impeccable baths.

Musginy luxury Paris rental

i could go on with mere words but i’ll let the pics tell the story. i think i’ve hit my daily limit of verbage and better hit the hay, tomorrow is another jour including the blogger meet up at deux maggots. if you’re in town, please do come! more soon!

September 4, 2010. Decorating, Design, France, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Hotels, Paris Perfect Apartments.


  1. sara turner replied:

    Stunning… I would move! It is breathtakingly beautiful!


  2. Hope replied:

    This is exactly what I would picture an apartment in Paris would look like.
    It’s decorated just beautifully.


  3. Beth replied:

    WOW!!!! Both places are absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous!!! What a perfect place to be…Paris and these stunning apartments! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing the links!
    xoxo Beth


  4. Lauren replied:

    Oh my goodness!!! It is like a dream apartment! Thanks for the great photos!!


  5. Joy replied:

    Living vicariously thru you Claudia! xox


  6. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    Oh, my goodness…. What dreamy places to stay at… You lucky girls!!!!!!


  7. Sorcha Root replied:

    Drool! Wish I could tag along. What beautiful places to stay!


  8. Fiona replied:

    Wow oh wow!!I so wish I was with you guys.You must think you are in a dream.Every day when I see your blog come up with a new post I get excited to see what next you have in store. Many, many thanks for sharing! Fiona


  9. Splendid Sass replied:

    Such beautiful decor! Paris is a beautiful place. I love the open windows.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Dianne replied:

    How absolutely fabulous!! these appartments are soo… luxurious ~ and those pretty little balconies with the wrought iron, are oh! so Parisian. Take care, and thank you so much for sharing your visit with us.I feel like I’m in Paris myself.


  11. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Oh Claudia! You have some fabulous adventures, don’t you? How I would love to be there in either apartment and trying to keep up with you! So magnificent, keep having fun! XOLeigh


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    hi you sweetie pies, i wish you were here too! next year when we come you know you’re all invited. i think we need to put something together since no one appreciates paris and apartments like you do!


  13. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Looks like you’re getting some pictres of some beautiful places!!!!!Those apartments are stunning!!!!!. So 7 PM tomorrow HMMMMMM? What name is the reservation under or did you make one?? I have a reason for wanting to know…..HEHE Maryannexo


  14. Acquired Objects replied:

    Stunning apartments I would move in a minute! Thank you for sharing!


  15. Johanna replied:

    We’ve just come home from a Paris Perfect apartment. Madelyn has such beautiful taste. These pictures sum it up.


  16. themorselblog replied:

    These bedroom pictures are absolutely yummy. Each one looks like you could just fall and sink into a dream-state instantly. And I love the cream-colored living room with all of the mirrors; great usable space, but pleasing to the eye. Good pics!


  17. Write Girl replied:

    This is stunning…I’ve been seeing so many movies and reading books about Paris that now I feel I must visit. I absolutley love browsing these fabulous apartments. Thanks for sharing!!


  18. Cynthia replied:

    I’m completely jealous of your beautiful space! Enjoy it for all of us wiping away the drool from our chins. :)


  19. Amsterdam Housing replied:


    What a lovely…….

    I have not words for praise…. It’s so beautiful. It’s a Beautiful dream for me….



  20. Jean replied:

    Wow, gorgeous apartments. Your photos are much better than the photos on their websites. They should definitely use yours!


  21. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Unbelievable! I am stunned. What wonderful places to stay! Hope you are enjoying and taking it all in! And your photos are great!


  22. Carina replied:


    The downside of living in Paris is that I already have somewhere to sleep. That said, I really want to pass time in some of these lovely apartments.


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