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hi guys, happy tuesday. i’ve been laying low the past few days. my bf leaves tomorrow so i’ll be back on the case to finish by the 30th for this contest. working on the apartment for a few days and then taking as many off let me enjoy the space and figure out what else we need.  turns out, not much. a tray for his keys and glasses, a chair. One of the best parts of the makeover was the in-between spaces it created cause i can visualize  infinite possibilities there. now that’s meditation!

anyway going thru pics from last week before the whole thing started, i came across the folder from the earlier part of the day in a palm beach collective that just got shelved.  there were a couple things that stuck with me and could work in the apt now that i’m decorating and all.

but first things first, nobody puts these babies on a shelf!

i know you love these charmant belles as much as i do

i guess i was in a porcelain mood getting goofy

i’m a sucker for the sweetie pie 20s!


ahem…! back to my chic apartment  :p

i do have a wishlist

these aren’t on it but i adore them:

early 50s paint by numbers

they would look great with the frames painted absolutely anything else

so back to the apartment. the pieces below would be great final touches

tiny handmade desk

and chartreuse velvet bergere

for le boudoir

we need a lamp and shade. pink vintage ribbon, yum

schiapparelli velvet rococo chairs

i know i’m getting carried away but i love to!

icart is endlessly amusing

and in the bath, this old light

pink lucite mag rack

and these

ok, so much for a quick hello! more soon, have a great week!

September 29, 2010. Palm Beach Vintage. 17 comments.

change of plans

hey guys happy friday! i had big plans for the weekend reno but just got a call that my guy is surprising me for the weekend so i’m scrambling to clean and touch up. i guess it will be good to share the changes with him but really wish the corner unit was built so he could put all his stuff in it. i should make him put it together!   ;p

i was about to head upstairs to play with these chartreuse silk shams liz found but that will have to wait. instead, i’m replacing the kitchen fixture with an antique bulb,  dug out the cozy blankets now that i have a basket! and do the boring stuff like paint white high gloss white on the front door and table tops.

so i have to get cleaned up, i look like a hausfrau and that’s being kind!

hope you get some of your own projects done. even one feels good. bon weekend mes chers amis!

September 24, 2010. Decorating, Florida. 20 comments.

what a view

hey guys, just a quick note to share a little of the love my house is showing me. i can’t get a bulb in with the way the chandelier’s wired so i put a candle on a saucer instead. the shadow’s effect now that it’s getting late is even more dramatic. i feel transported! ok well andy cohen in on so i’m gonna go enjoy languishing under this little star… bonne nuit!

September 24, 2010. Chandeliers, Decorating, Florida. 11 comments.

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