home alone

truly aLoNe for the first time in 6 weeks! just popping in between guilty pleasure tv (bravo) and a clean apartment! need i say more? tomorrow’s another day after all and there will be plenty to do… heading out to cali on friday so these couple days will be cherished. enjoy your nite too!

(p.s, if you’d like  a promo code to download the app for free, let me know, aside from the winners in the last post, i still have a few more to give away. you can leave a comment or write me at theparisapartment@gmail.com)

July 27, 2010. Life.


  1. shelagh replied:

    I would be delighted to download your new app!
    Looking forward to it:)
    Cheers, Shelagh


  2. kimberly martin replied:

    claudia, what are you going to be doing in Cali? Anything fun going on?


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i’m headed out with my guy to tour a chocolate factory of all things, guittard have you hear of them? i hadn’t but they’re the oldest chocolate makers in the us.


  3. mvpl2 replied:

    Congratulations on your new app! I would love love love to download it! I will be visiting Paris in November and will be thrilled to give it a test-drive.


  4. vicki replied:

    Paris Flea Market? Sigh..even if only in an app. Would love to download it. Pick me pretty please?


  5. theparisapartment replied:



  6. Denise replied:

    I would LOVE to download your new App!! I have been intrigued with all things Paris since I bought your book – oh so many years ago – and my new hubby and I are planning a trip to Paris next year!


  7. aneyefordetail replied:

    Hi Claudia:
    So, can I get the App here, or go to ITunes? Yes, I would really love it.
    Are you doing tours in early Sept.? I’m planning to go out to Saint Ouen on Sunday Sept. 5. I’ll be with a new blogger friend from Aix (she’s American) and we would love to meet up somehow. Let me know??
    Do you go to Maison at all? I’ll be there that Saturday, the 4th.


  8. gina replied:

    would love to try your app…Not familiar with it, but sounds great.


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