the glamorous borough of brooklyn

hey guys, hope you’re having a great weekend!  sorry i’ve been mia for awhile but being in nyc is as exhausting as it is incredible.  over the past couple weeks so much  has happened that it’s impossible to chronicle it all. still,  there are a couple highlights i knew you’d appreciate and a trip to brooklyn was one of them. i haven’t had my camera so taking pics hasn’t been part of the trip but i did my best to capture what was one of the best events going in the city. working on the ny app inspired a trip to the brooklyn flea. it’s held both weekend days, saturday outdoors but sunday in the most incredible venue, the old williamsbug bank at the atlantic avenue stop.

from the street it looks like any other city corner and with the scaffold you really wouldn’t even notice it if just passing by.

but stepping inside the air becomes cooler and it feels like you’re walking into a special place, almost like a cathedral in rome.

every inch of the bank is decorated in hyper detail from the ceilings to the windows, the lights and mosaic floors.

these pics obviously don’t do it justice

and inside the atmosphere was full of life like only a flea market can generate.

every nook and crannie held something new and vendors are able to keep their weekly spots in little rooms and tucked away corners you’d never get to see if this were still a bank.

just being here with the sun steaming in was magical.

you have total run of the place from the balconies to the basement where an enormous vault is open for show.

i guess i just can’t rave enough about it. it was an exotic and glamorous way to shop and felt like a very special event.

but no one else seemed phased and shopped and chatted as if it was the most normal place to be in the world!

i guess i’ll have to go back to get real photos at some point, but if you’re headed to the city, be sure to either jump on the train or walk over the bridge, just get to this market for an unforgettable day of brooklyn history and a shopping extravaganza you’ll never forget. till then, have a great night!

The Flea at One Hanson (aka Williamsburg Savings Bank)

1 Hanson Pl. (at Flatbush Ave.)

Open Sundays

B/D/M/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave./Pacific St
LIRR to Flatbush Ave

B41/B45/B63/B67 to Atlantic + Flatbush

Take the Manhattan Bridge to Flatbush Ave., follow for approx. 2 miles, look for One Hanson/Williamsburg Savings Bank on your left. (Some street parking available, or use inexpensive lots within one block on Ashland Pl. or Fulton St.)

July 25, 2010. Brooklyn Flea Market, Fleamarkets, New York.


  1. pamela replied:

    This post is so full of creative energy.
    It fairly crackles with it!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks pamela, glad you get it! (could it be the photos)?


  3. Tamra / The Gilded Barn replied:

    Being a decorative artist who does detailed ceiling work, a post such as this is a delight to see. Thank you.



  4. theparisapartment replied:

    ooh you do ceilings? i’m heading right over…they’re one of my obsessions!


  5. Chatelaine replied:

    As a banker, I would love to see this former bank. As a flea marketer, I would love to shop there. I must add this to my bucket list.


  6. Leticia replied:

    Wow, your pictures are just beautiful!
    I love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Come and visit me:
    Have a good evening!


  7. kay ellen replied:

    Wow~~~what a great building to wander around in!! and shop too?!fabulous!

    Kay Ellen


  8. nancy replied:

    just when i think YOu have shown us everything….you do it again….you are an AMAZING creative spirit…thank you for sharing your life /*!*\ nancy


  9. Nita replied:

    Oh…my…If I lived anywhere near there…I’d be there every Sunday. What an amazing building. We have an art deco bank building here that thrills me every time I step into it…it’s all marble and stainless steel art deco decoration…very similar to this building. I’ll do a post on it one day soon. There is no longer a bank in it…it’s used for special occasions…how fabulous to have a flea market in that setting.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i can see it as easily hosting a wedding as a flea. it would be a glorious ballroom. looking forward to your post!


  10. Liza replied:

    I used to live about five blocks away from there. I vaguely remember having a tooth extracted by a dentist in that building. But that was before the fleas, which looks too exciting for words. Most of my city relatives still live in that neighborhood and probably don’t even bother to go. I’ll make sure to go next time I visit and drag along my nieces.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i used to love going places with my aunt as a kid, this will be an unforgettable day trip, especially if you get a trinket to commemorate your day!


      • Liza replied:

        oh. My nieces are all grown up with kids of their own.(I’m older than you think) But they love to go shopping with their old auntie and maybe the little ones can come too.


  11. Brenda replied:

    Lovely post! I would much rather shop in such a beautiful enviroment than a mall any day. The ceiling and ornate mirror is fabulous. I wish I was there!
    xoxo, B


  12. Kate replied:

    You’re killing me! MUST try on those hats! I love Williamsburg. Went to the old pool park where they show movies now. So great. Thank you.


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    oh wow, i haven’t heard about the old pool park movie night, what else can you tell us about it? as for the market, it’s a little confusing cause it’s the williamsburg bank but not in williamsburg, it’s actually off flatbush.


  14. Jade replied:

    Wow, SO cool! I love the stars on the ceiling.
    – Jade


  15. Shann replied:

    I just love wherever you go Claudia!


  16. Patchwork Harmony replied:

    Wow! I NEED to go there! Looks beautiful & full of fab goodies! X


  17. Sorcha Root replied:

    I am soooo jealous. Would love to go there. You get to do the neatest stuff!


  18. Vivi replied:

    What an AMAZING space. Hope people can rent it out for weddings and fun events too!


  19. J. Is a Bird replied:

    How wonderful to have a market a such a spot! It seems to imbue the articles for sale with even more significance.

    As much as I love the flea markets here in L.A., I will be the first to admit that the ever present glaring sun light can sometimes burn the very character out of both the shopper and the goods for which they shop.



  20. sundaygirl24 replied:

    The shots look a treat Claudia! The camera is working out really well for you. I’m a bit jealous now.

    Come flea with me soon!

    Sadie at Flea xxx


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    it was just my iphone! maybe i shouldn’t have splurged on the olympus PEN? haha
    i am coming to london soon to flea with you i promise!


  22. Christine@TheFiveSenses replied:

    Love this post. I use to love going to the Brooklyn flea and use to live right around the corner from there. Fort Greene Brooklyn is one of the most interesting places to live. I miss it.


  23. Catherine replied:

    Fab images.


  24. Sandra Conti replied:

    I love Brooklyn, and when I was back first in Aug. of 2008 after many many years away, I saw how cleaned up it was and how it changed for the best. I love the vibe and I wish I still owned the house my parents had in Bensonhurst where we had a beautiful apartment house on Benson Ave. Those were the most wonderful days of my life!


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