look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn

hey guys, how’s your night shaping up? the heatwave is breaking and we’re going out for a stroll. even with the heat i love to be outdoors but in the concrete jungle it’s pretty severe. i may be in need of nature cause while i was supposed to be working, stumbled into the patio section on houzz.com for way too long. it’s a great resource for inspiration from all over, but deadly if you’re just peeking in for a sec and starved for green to boot.

backyards and patios are fun cause such a small place can pack a real punch.

i’d  love some outdoor space of my own. it can be small…

just a rustic table

couple chairs



or just begging for a dinner party!

it’s hard to choose just one style! what’s yours? have a great summer night!

July 8, 2010. Flowers, Gardening, Green.


  1. Miss Amy replied:

    Isn’t houzz addictive? Wow….. I love their site too. Beautiful shots :)


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey amy, i agree, what a resource for good eye candy!


  3. timbushong replied:

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Love all of these. Hope you’re evening stroll was lovely. :) I was up till midnight doing a watercolour painting, which was quite fun.

    My very favourite out of all of these lovelies is the second to last one…it sort of really describes a bit of my style. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    With love,
    Rachel xx


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    creating a watercolor painting sounds about as lovely as it gets! i can see you working in a place just like that under the midnight moonlight!


  5. Cynthia Maniglia replied:

    Wow, they’re all divine. Alfesco! I’ll get my fork …


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    i’ll join you!


  7. Liza replied:

    the first three remind me of a farm in the Southwest of France, in Le Gers, where I spent the summer in 1995. Except they didn’t have water coming so close to the house. Wowza. That would have been divine. But it was pretty special anyway. You’d have loved it.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos. I have a back yard here in Vermont, but it’s too hot to go out in it right now. Even the dogs just lie down and pant and beg to go back inside.


  8. Tuula replied:

    I’ve been dreaming of having more outdoor space as well. Just picked up the latest issue of Modes & Travaux (don’t think it’s that well known outside of France) & they have many simple ideas for fixing up even a small space. I think the “playful” photo is my favorite; looks cozy & relaxing.


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love these peaceful pictures


  10. Fifi Flowers replied:

    FAB dining spots!!!


  11. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Finally got a house of our own and we are fixing up the back yard. At 7:00am it is already 95 degrees and we are happily having our morning coffee with the dog and checking on all of our “desert landscaping”! Lot’s of cacti and palms, bottlebrush, agave and even roses! The roses came with us from California and have survived in containers for 3.5 years, so far. We’ll see how they take to the soil. It’s a far cry from your gorgeous pics above, but at least it is ours! XXOO


  12. themorselblog replied:

    Oh dear, I feel very convicted. I have the most gorgeous outdoor space and I’ve done nothing with it yet, except plant a few things. These photos are glorious. If I had to choose it would be the ‘playful’ one that feels more like an outdoor living room. We live in the desert and the stars are amazing…so my first move would be to put a futon of sorts next to the pool so we could see the stars.


  13. Jacqueline replied:

    I didn’t have any outdoor space for a long time and then I moved into a cute Carrie Bradshaw-ish apartment with a patio in the trees. Now that I have outdoor space I can’t imagine giving it up….now I just have to decorate it.


  14. Vintage & Vogue Inspire Parisian Apartment Design | The Carlyle Apartments Elegant Living in Santa Clara replied:

    […] a cafe feel in the kitchen/dining area by using soft colors found in nature.  According to Paris Apartment blog, give the small space a big feel by using light, airy elements to give it an outdoor space […]


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