a girl can dream

can you believe this is a photo for an apartment for sale in the heart of paris?!

i’m cleaning off my desktop and these pics are from a great real estate site that can best be enjoyed when  you have some time to play: lodgis.com/en/paris

what a coat of paint can do.

i could live with this much outdoor space

and only one window

if it had a view like this…

3 windows sure is nice! all of these apartments are on the website in the under 250k category (euros, actually)!

actually i can’t imagine the next two are that price but many of these here are even in the 100s!

have you ever wanted a pied-à-terre in paris?

anyway what’s more real than a dream? stop by the site for a fun diversion if you get a chance.

have a great night doing what you love!

July 6, 2010. Paris Apartments, Real Estate.


  1. A Flourishing Perspective replied:

    Thanks for the link! I’m on there right now. :) Oh goodness, the view from the 3rd picture is exquisite. Goodness knows how I want to go/live in Paris!

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    With love,

    Rachel xx


    • theparisapartment replied:

      that’s why it’s fun to window shop. i’m not in the position to buy but looking never hurt!


  2. maureen replied:

    yes! yes! I do want one…such a gorgeous view & one can do so much with the space to make it just darling!


  3. vicki replied:

    OMG!!! Yes yes yes and another triple yes! I would invest there in a heartbeat if I could find someone who would help me run it as a vacation rental for the 10 months that I’m not there. Sigh! To be so far away, but so near through the amazing developments in technology. Thanks for the distraction–I’m in the process of organizing my files at home although I don’t know if this was the type of break I needed. Now my mind is off to faraway places again!


  4. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Hey Claudia! No Fair! Don’t you know there is a global economic crisis on!!!!! lol!

    Oh for the view of le Tower Eiffel!!!!

    Big hugs, Sadie at Flea xxx


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    well i obsess over everything global on my other (green) blog, other twitter, even my facebook friends can barely take my rants! here i try to keep it light as a feather…


  6. Miss Amy replied:

    Sigh…. My girlfriend just jetted over for summer study at La Sorbonne. Her flat is on Rue de Passey….So very envious!! She has a view of the Eiffel Tower out her bedroom window. Can you imagine going to sleep under the sparkling lights of Paris every night? I miss my city…. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos!


  7. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    love the last flat. It looks perfect for me


  8. Hazel replied:

    I’ve been following Lodgis for years and dreaming too


  9. Fifi Flowers replied:

    This girl is ALWAYS dreaming of Paris!!!


  10. Glass*Plant replied:

    This post got me dreaming again! Thanks for the link. Love your blog.


  11. Alva replied:

    Stop making me want to sell all my worldly possessions and move!!! lol. all of these are just so lovely I can hardly contain myself!


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