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hey guys! just checking in for a milisec and cleaning off my desktop. i’m 1/2 way through my 4 days of solitude. i need this time to really get to work and pick up the slack from slacking all summer! it’s midnight and i still have a ton of homework to do. i’ve been working on an article and going thru photos of fleas around the world and thought you’d enjoy a few.

alas i gotta go…this is the first time i’ve been able to go thru them since the trip. if you click on the one below it gets

pretty big, some of the covers are priceless.

this one’s actually from ny…guess these ladies were the toast of the garment district. looks like fun! anyway just saying hi and wishing you a happy wednesday!  oh by the by, i’ll be in paris august 30 – september 9th for the braderie of lille and the maison et objet. if you’re going to be there, let me know. bonne nuit!

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home alone

truly aLoNe for the first time in 6 weeks! just popping in between guilty pleasure tv (bravo) and a clean apartment! need i say more? tomorrow’s another day after all and there will be plenty to do… heading out to cali on friday so these couple days will be cherished. enjoy your nite too!

(p.s, if you’d like  a promo code to download the app for free, let me know, aside from the winners in the last post, i still have a few more to give away. you can leave a comment or write me at

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the glamorous borough of brooklyn

hey guys, hope you’re having a great weekend!  sorry i’ve been mia for awhile but being in nyc is as exhausting as it is incredible.  over the past couple weeks so much  has happened that it’s impossible to chronicle it all. still,  there are a couple highlights i knew you’d appreciate and a trip to brooklyn was one of them. i haven’t had my camera so taking pics hasn’t been part of the trip but i did my best to capture what was one of the best events going in the city. working on the ny app inspired a trip to the brooklyn flea. it’s held both weekend days, saturday outdoors but sunday in the most incredible venue, the old williamsbug bank at the atlantic avenue stop.

from the street it looks like any other city corner and with the scaffold you really wouldn’t even notice it if just passing by.

but stepping inside the air becomes cooler and it feels like you’re walking into a special place, almost like a cathedral in rome.

every inch of the bank is decorated in hyper detail from the ceilings to the windows, the lights and mosaic floors.

these pics obviously don’t do it justice

and inside the atmosphere was full of life like only a flea market can generate.

every nook and crannie held something new and vendors are able to keep their weekly spots in little rooms and tucked away corners you’d never get to see if this were still a bank.

just being here with the sun steaming in was magical.

you have total run of the place from the balconies to the basement where an enormous vault is open for show.

i guess i just can’t rave enough about it. it was an exotic and glamorous way to shop and felt like a very special event.

but no one else seemed phased and shopped and chatted as if it was the most normal place to be in the world!

i guess i’ll have to go back to get real photos at some point, but if you’re headed to the city, be sure to either jump on the train or walk over the bridge, just get to this market for an unforgettable day of brooklyn history and a shopping extravaganza you’ll never forget. till then, have a great night!

The Flea at One Hanson (aka Williamsburg Savings Bank)

1 Hanson Pl. (at Flatbush Ave.)

Open Sundays

B/D/M/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 to Atlantic Ave./Pacific St
LIRR to Flatbush Ave

B41/B45/B63/B67 to Atlantic + Flatbush

Take the Manhattan Bridge to Flatbush Ave., follow for approx. 2 miles, look for One Hanson/Williamsburg Savings Bank on your left. (Some street parking available, or use inexpensive lots within one block on Ashland Pl. or Fulton St.)

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