like we need a reason to idolize these guys

hey guys, it’s been way too long.  i’ve been in a  funk since getting back and  just needed to decompress and check out. if anything could snap me out of it, it’s got to be father’s day.  i’m about to see my whole family for the first time since december and that is going to be pure soul food!

trolling through flickr i came across these old images and can never choose just one. and i don’t have to! there’s so much of my dad’s influence in what i do, i don’t think i realized how much till seeing these pictures here all together. he’s the one who taught me about the nuances of the 20s and 30s in drawings, fonts, color palettes. funny how so much of what we are is from our parents.

(mom, you influenced me too but in lots of other ways :)

so dad, happy father’s day and thank you for being my dad, guru and rock.  i love you! happy father’s day to all of you, have a wonderful day with the ones you love!

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i get by with a little help from my friends

bon saturday nuit guys. we just got back from catching the sunset and twilight is falling as scheduled, so we’ve got that going for us.  dinner at home and he’s cooking,  i’m in charge of dessert.

i’m staying in after shirking my responsibilities for a couple fun days with liz.  i thought you’d like a tour of her cute townhouse.   it  inspired me to practice with my new camera.

the juliet balcony off her bedroom.

we didn’t style anything so it’s not perfect.  i thought it looked great as it was.

her dad’s desk

and downstairs, the florida room

leads to the deck on the waterway. see how we didn’t even pull the chair back? lazy!

this is another of the long shot/close shots  i’ve been playing with:

anyway, dinner’s ready. hope your night’s just getting started!

bon weekend!

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does there have to be a reason for everything?

hey guys, i hope you’re putting the final touches on a good week in your world.

this is kind of a seinfeld post about nothing, just musing and saying hi, clearing my desktop. going through more photos de paris, this promo for printemps brocantes en france popped up. i don’t have specific summer plans and would love to roam free in july or august.  not sure if such an impromptu plan could hatch but i’m just putting it out there.

cleaning up le desktop it’s  interesting to see what’s been saved over the past couple days. i’d stashed  a ton of pics from  this site.  guess i did indulge awhile looking through the funky decor and the pretty shots themselves.  love that light.

sick decor but a great layout

i’m not sure of the technical term but this may be blasphemy

even messy it looks good


of course all rooms start from scratch, just add water and lord knows what you’ll get! i’m sure you’ve got a lot planned for the weekend but wanted to turn you on to a contest that’s easy to enter and can get you to paris in september for the maison objet so check it out below. i hope you enter…and win!

this is their inspiration room. they want you to upload any photo and just tell what inspires you about it in 100 words. you can win an entire trip plus a big cash prize. it takes 5 minutes and i know you can win if you enter!

(this is an example…you can use your own photo, and words. i didn’t write this, it’s on their site)

Infinite possibility. A blank slate. A fresh canvas. These are my inspirations. What could this room be? Who will visit? What memories will be created here? In the quiet moments of standing in a room-to-be, a million possibilities flash like a old movie reel though my mind. In a split second this room could conjure a french market cafe, a Morroccan riad, Notting Hill, a Soho loft. Will the room say mid-century Eames? Classic Dorothy Draper? Cool Vicente Wolf? Or maybe pop art campy kitsch? This is my room and this room allows me to dream.

well, it’s about time to close up shop for the day so i’ll bid you adieu and wish you a wonderful weekend!

PS:  there’s one thing and it’s actually the most important information  that i  could possibly share.  i can’t beg you enough to watch this and pass it on.  with the gulf in crisis, there is still hope. please check out the video of the benefits of using simple hay to collect oil. we’re going to hear a million options like using more dispersants and chemicals but we can’t afford to add more to this than anything organic. PLEASE tweet the link or email it to your local news station or anyone you think will listen! and thanks for always listening  ;p

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