starry starry night, paint your pallet blue & gray

photo by Marc Bertrand

i miss the old drive-in theater we used to have in town but this would suffice. i don’t even care what they’re playing!

hi everyone,  hope your week is going well. i had this image on my desktop for a couple of days and before i can force myself to do another iota of work, thought i’d share it and pretend we were headed out for some outdoor theater and a night on the town.

the photo came from my colleague, carsten sprotte at paris sharing (this is his blog). he runs a company that ‘offers the savvy traveler affordable stays in authentic Parisian homes, and Paris residents a chance to be hosts to the world’.   it looks like a great way for those of us who love paris apartments to either stay in one or just peek inside some great homes. i have that voyeur thing in me and i don’t care to shake it.

ok. well, cut! it’s back to the grindstone. see you at the movies!

wow, this just came to my inbox, weird!

pss my friend elaine biss sent me this. it’s a non-sequitor but i thought you may enjoy it:
‘The Universe loves gratitude. Every day look for things to be grateful for.
Make “thank you” your catchphrase.  As you walk from one place to
another, say “thank you” with every step. Begin each day with the
words “thank you”, and make your last thought at night one of giving
thanks for the day. Be grateful under all circumstances, no matter
what is happening around you. Just 30 days of saturating yourself with
gratitude will change your life beyond your comprehension. When you
radiate and live gratitude you press the ON switch to the Universe and
it will deliver all good to you, matching the intensity of your
gratitude.  Thank you!’

June 29, 2010. Life, Paris, Paris Apartments.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Wouldn’t this be the perfect way to spend a summer night……..I am old enough to remember drive-in theatre and not much says summer more than that memory. Much love XO


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey sande! i guess i’m showing my age with the reminiscing, huh? maybe we can bring these kinds of big screen events to u.s. small towns and cities. guess it’s greener than driving in anyway!


  3. Cathy M replied:

    Don’t forget to send me an email! You won my French giveaway in May, the fleur pendant!!!You may have been en route from Paris. Go to my blog & locate my email & send me your address, so I can mail it to you!!!!!


  4. Dore replied:

    gratitude, I am showing you much gratitude for your visits and your Comments. I am grateful for the time it takes to read a post and to leave a comment as well.

    I so remember when there was as many drive ins as walk in theatres. I remember sitting on the roof or backing the truck into a stall and placing foam mattress pads, pillows and blankets and watching the movie from the bed of the truck with a bunch of friends :)
    Great summer fun! Thank you girl for reminding me of those days gone by.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      you’re so right, dore, and i’m grateful for every comment i get from all of you, my darling friends. it’s like getting a little gift every time one comes in!


  5. Karena replied:

    Went to the drive in’s all the time in Kansas City….my fanily would take a huge grocery bag full of popcorn and Koolaid in Coleman thermoses!

    Art by Karena


  6. Fifi Flowers replied:

    Oooh j’adore outdoor theatres… oooh and I would love to be there of course!
    How are you? FAB u LOUS I hope!!!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i’m pretty good fifi, enjoying lots of friends and family this summer up north in ny and nj. reminiscing about my childhood days!


  7. pam robinson replied:

    most of us remember these wonderful drive-ins and i will never forget my brother and sister and i getting in our “jammies” and piling into the station wagon and going with our parents to “the drive in”… eat junk, watch the movie and almost always falling asleep in the car and parents carrying us into our home into our beds…

    lucky for us, they re-opened one in our hometown and now we get to take our nieces and nephew… so fun…

    have a wonderful week and holiday… xx pam


    • theparisapartment replied:

      aw that is an adorable image of you in your footie pj’s! how fab that your town knows the value of the old tradition!


  8. Amy replied:

    Scott and I packed up a picnic basket and met some friends for a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery last weekend- they show so many of our old favorites and it’s so nice to sit with an appreciative audience outside at night… this pic one-ups our nights, I think! Note to selves- “put on list for next warm-weather trip to Paris”. ;)

    And Elaine’s words just made me cry. (In a good way!) I couldn’t agree more. <3


    • theparisapartment replied:

      wow, watching the films in the cemetery must have been wild! i’m so glad to hear that there are still us towns who are playing films outdoors.


  9. Vicki Archer replied:

    I loved a drive in movie….such memories! Open air cinema is the best fun, I wish there were more…..lovely post Caludia, xv.


  10. Alison Gibbs replied:

    We still have one drive in theatre near us – 15 minute drive, it has 3 screens. There are not many left in Australia
    Just checking out The Paris Sharing Blog as one day I’d love to visit Paris


  11. mlle paradis replied:

    a wonderful post Claudia, the colors, the movie screen le tout! i was dreaming about drive-ins last week too – one of summers simpler pleasures…….and while i’m at it, i should really figure out how to do this in my own back yard! (sans l.a. fleas and raccoons!) also loved your last post about the french. i couldn’t agree more. headed over there myself soon, have loved living in l.a. so much i’m wondering if france will still affect me so powerfully – (i know, it’s not obvious how l.a. could successfully compete but the colors and the climate…)

    anyway, thanks for nice comments today and coming onboard at passage paradis. i’ve loved your site since i first discovered blogs and it’s truly an honor for me to have your kind eyes on my little efforts!

    happy summer!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hi mmlle, i did see that there are home theater projection kits for outdoor films now. what a great addition to a party or just to bring the hood together. by the by, it’s my pleasure to visit and no effort in blogging is small! i understand and appreciate what you do!


  12. Deborah Milne replied:

    Carsten has the perfect idea. I’ve always thought that the most profound experience in a foreign country is living life as the locals do. The photo Carsten sent was fabulous. Such terrific memories of many drive-in movies. In Seattle’s Fremont area, they still do show movies outdoors in the summer. The neighborhoods just bring a chair or a blanket and tote their own popcorn.

    I love Elaine’s message and I’m going to start my day applying her thoughts. Hope you are enjoying the start of your summer Claudia?

    Cheers my dear


  13. Miss Amy replied:

    wow….this is incredible! thank you for sharing your friend Carsten’s blog (i love his name, btw)! I have a wonderful girlfriend studying at La Sorbonne this summer, and I will forward her this outdoor cinema info tout de suite!


  14. Tiffany replied:

    What a beautiful sky!!!!!!



  15. Write Girl replied:

    I love the photo of the drive-in theatre. Also, I love your thoughts about being thankful everyday. I will certainly keep these positive thoughts with me.


  16. cityfarmer replied:

    ahhh the outdoor movies … the greatest place to make out!

    how are you darlin?
    the windy city awaits you


    • theparisapartment replied:

      how could i forget? i guess in paris you don’t need the car to make out so that still works. :)
      i’m good, heading off to nyc right now for the holiday weekend.


  17. francine Gardner replied:

    I remember my summers in Pyla, Southwest of France, when we would go and watch outdoor movies sitting on the sand, breathing in the sea air and the pine scents…you just brought a rush of memories to treasure…Merci..Francine


  18. Scentsy Bricks replied:

    Well, I must say I can tell why one wouldn’t get much work done with that photo! It’s incredible. Makes me want to set up a projector and go on a hike….one problem…… I’m not carrying the generator.


  19. kay ellen replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    Stopped by to say Happy 4th of July to you!!~~~
    Lovvvve the drive-in photo….

    ahhh just wonderful:)wish I was there right now!!

    Kay Ellen


  20. Natasha Burns replied:

    I love outdoor theatres – we have one in Summer time here in Melbourne, called Moonlight Cinema. It’s held in the Botanical Gardens, and it’s great. {except for the mosquitoes!}

    Thanks for stopping by and for your input about the text size on my blog! I liked your suggestion of varying the size, and will try to do that in my future posts, it was a great idea!


  21. Greet replied:

    Seeing this it reminds me of my first drive in theatre! I so enjoyed it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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