i’m not messing around

hi guys, happy summer! hope your week is off to a good start.

i’ve been on the down low for the past couple of weeks, maybe it was a combo of burnout from paris and coming home to miami and all that’s looming. still i’ve been busy and spent the past few days with my partner catherine in chicago working on the app and we’re finally at the last stage. i can’t believe how much work went into this but it’s going to apple for approval this week!

i thought you’d enjoy a small preview of some of the pics.

i love old flea pics.  just goes to show you how little has changed and  how much of the same stuff keeps getting passed around from generation to generation.

anyway i still have to go through the 3000 (literally)! photos i took in paris cause we’re putting out a photo book at the same time the app launches. truth is it was supposed to happen when i was there but guess everything in due time, right?

well, it’s after 2pm and i’ve got a pair of 6 year old nieces who’ll be expecting their fairy godmother to be up and at em when they are.

so i’ll leave you with these and bid you bonne nuit.

i’m glad you were here and  i’ll stop by chez vous too.  for now,  sweet dreams!

June 22, 2010. APP, Fleamarkets, Marché aux Puces, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Vicki Archer replied:

    Great shots Claudia…love the old ones too, xv.


  2. Debbi replied:

    Wow! And Wow! Congratulations! Wonderful! So excited for you!


  3. elaine Power replied:

    Oh my gosh!!! Thats fantastic news good on you, you must be so excited.


  4. Judith replied:

    Congratulations Claudia!!!! As soon as it launches I will add it to my apps! So excited. It looks amazing!!!


  5. style maniac replied:

    love that you are using the most modern technology to search out antique finds … very exciting ventures on your horizon.


  6. Shane replied:

    This all sounds very EXCITING and I can’t wait to see it.
    GREAT parisian pics – just keep them coming – we never tire of them! 3000!!!!!!!!!! Phew – tell me what sort of camera you have (not now darling… one day when you’ve got more time) LOL !!!!
    mme sevigne


  7. Julienne replied:

    How I wish I lived in Europe!!!!!!


  8. Liza replied:

    Well finally a good reason for me to upgrade my technology. Seriously, the photos are gorgeous, can’t wait for the book, and now that I’m downsizing my store, maybe I can get to paris next year and get to some fleas in person. Merci.


  9. Kate replied:

    I don’t have an iphone but what kind of app is it?


  10. Stella Pesci replied:

    I love your photos…you find such interesting things! Can’t wait to see your book!
    Stella xx


  11. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Bravo! What a brilliant idea for an app. Hope to see it soon on my iphone!!!


  12. Sarah @ Maison Boheme replied:

    Congrats Claudia! What a cool app!


  13. jisabird replied:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to buy the app. Even if I’m not getting to Paris this year it’ll be fun to check out.



  14. Karen - The Graphics Fairy replied:

    How wonderful!! What a fabulous idea! I’m sure it will be wildly popular!



  15. Heather replied:

    How ridiculously exciting! Many many heartfelt congratulations!


  16. Melissa replied:

    C ~
    This is huge news! Congrats!

    BTW, I want a fairy godmother like you too!



  17. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    Félicitations! I am so happy for you. I know you have worked tirelessly on this and your photo book that we are all bursting to see. Apple will be happy to approve it, bien sur!!! I wish you every success my friend!! Okay now I have to get an IPhone!
    a bientôt,


  18. atelier cheri replied:

    Absolutely cannot wait — for the app or the book! See the shoutout for Paris Apartment in my new series, Après le Déluge, about recovering from a natural disaster with panache and a little Louis XVI. Stop by: http://bit.ly/bRASpE


  19. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Claudia, Can not wait to see this book.


  20. Terrell replied:

    Oh wow!! Congrats to you! This is such an interesting post! Thank you for the fun pics!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~


  21. The Armchair Parisian replied:

    Must. Have. That. Ap!


  22. Dad replied:

    Awww, shucks!


  23. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Wow, congrats Claudia! This looks GREAT! Is it an app for the iPhone? If so, yay, I just bought an iPad!! Let us know when it’s launched!!


  24. Ron Stone replied:

    My wife would salivate at the thought of browsing flea markets like those. She doesn’t get to go to flea markets much since we live so far from town. I’ll be sharing your pics. Thanks


  25. Tracie~My Petite Maison replied:

    Must have (now!). Congrats!


  26. Tara Bradford replied:

    Hooray! So glad the secret is out! Well done, you! xo


  27. Sasha {Everything Fabulous}s replied:

    Wuaw that is fabulous!! Congratulations!! Don’t tell me you live in Miami..!! I am north of Ft Lauderdale!! So whenever you launch your book or anything let me know!! would love to go!! It’s funny because I am organizing a trip with my mother in Nov or Feb and it’s flea market shopping in Paris…!! I have been working for the last 2 weeks… so i would be the first candidate for the application!!! would love it!!
    Congratulations on everything that is coming your way!! wuaww fabulous!!


  28. theparisapartment replied:

    hi everybody! thank you sooooooooooo much for these good wishes! it was a labor of love and it’s finally happening!! i’ll do a giveaway when it’s ready and you can let me know what you really think of it! xc


  29. Miss Amy replied:

    HAHA! is that Garfield for sale in the last photo?? love it.


  30. Mariah @LadyLUX replied:

    What a fantastic app to have! Great work :)


  31. Carol replied:

    Sounds Great! Hope all goes well!!


  32. CJ replied:

    Claudia, Congratulations….and THANK YOU
    I cannot wait to use this app…so needed.We will all benefit from your hard work, can’t wait!!


  33. A Flourishing Perspective replied:

    Fantastic post! That’s so amazing that you are working on an app…it will be great I am sure of it. :) These are all beautiful pictures, how lucky you are to have gone to Paris. I long to go there someday!

    Keep up the wonderful posting.

    Rachel <3


  34. House Rent Wirral replied:

    Wow, really jelous right now, hmm when is the soonest flight….


  35. Barbara replied:

    I am so excited about your app and about the fact that I found it at all. I was weaving my way from Paris blog to Paris blog and ended up here. I have an iTouch and my sister just got an iPhone (from work, no less, the lucky duck). We are avid flea marketers who are going to Paris in October with our sister-in-law for ten days and I am sure the app will just add to the fun. Thank you.


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