j’ai deux amours, mon pays et paris

bonsoir à tous

it’s hard to believe that a month has flown by. this is officially my last night and the packing’s done, stomach full and lids are heavy. i’ll miss paris but love miami too and although my heart breaks for the oil spill, i’m looking forward to getting home and seeing what’s ahead.

packing artwork was the last thing to do and i just thought you may enjoy some of the pieces from the markets that are coming home with me.  these are pochoirs by lucien victor guirand de scévola (meaning they’re hand painted over engravings). i fell in love with them cause they have the playfulness of paris’ sensuality combined with gorgeous colors, set in the backdrop of luxe paris apartments.

i love the tryst going on in the salon while the party is just outside the door…

i always wonder what went on in these apartments before our time, the fires that burned, who hurried home as dusk fell with treats  from the markets to faire that famous french cuisine, and after, embroider, read, write and play and love. what could life have been like in this mysterious city for so many centuries? and to think it was all done by candlelight, with no running water and little heat. still so much was accomplished with such exquisite detail.

it looks like they were having a grand old time in spite of any hardships though. it’s because of those days that the fleas remain as fascinating as they do. how did people create such lovely things without the technologies and advances we have today using just their imagination and bare hands?

this oil is from the 20s and as a peony lover i just had to have it.

i didn’t get her (above) but love her just the same. but i did get these little books. the colors are still vibrant and the books are sweet lessons in love. the french have a way of making love so adorable and romantic!

and even though her hatbox is british, it’s still a bon voyage message to paris, i’ll be back soon (when the weather’s better hopefully)! it’s always bittersweet to leave but knowing this solid and magnificent place is here keeps me content. happy memorial day to you at home and see you on the other side!

May 31, 2010. 1930's, art, Fleamarkets, Flowers, Marché aux Puces, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Paris Trip.


  1. Cynthia Maniglia replied:

    I had fun looking at the artwork; to have spent a whole month in Paris, you are so lucky. And we’re so lucky to have you to share your trip with us!

    Yes, the oil spill is on our minds, heavy on the water, and taking a toll on the wildlife. Pray for a fix to happen asap.

    Bon voyage ~


  2. Cris replied:

    I’ve truly enjoyed riding along with you on this trip. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and all the wonderful photographs! I hope to see more from the flea markets and of the ‘finished’ apartment.



  3. YSLGuy replied:

    The paintings are amazing, but I truly love those books. Those would be so cute on display on a coffee table


  4. auntydeco replied:

    I love the pochoirs! Any chance they will end up in the boutique?


  5. Kate replied:

    Oh I LOVE what you got! JUST what I would have chosen. I collect children’s books and the pictures you found are FAB. You’re gooooood!


  6. Kate replied:

    I’m going July 30th – I hope you’ll post a flea market list by then (is there one somewhere on the site?). I have two treasures I still love from a flea market 20 years ago.


  7. Tuula M replied:

    Wow, you found a lot of great pieces & these shots are all beautiful. I love the colors on the apartments as well; really transports you back to that period. Safe travels & look like you’ll have lots of treasures to unpack!


  8. francine Gardner replied:

    I love the pochoir….so wonderful, such a tribute to time gone by. I wish i could spend a full month in Paris, I never have the time to just feel the city, get lost in its street, stroll without a purpose. I am in France this week (the Southwest) amd watch in Horror the devastation of the oil spill. It is all too familiar to us in France!
    Have a great trip back


  9. Claudia Tessler replied:

    SOO jealous of the past 2 posts.I should have stayed to join you at the flea . Most amazing pochoirs and peonies.
    A tout a l’huere…


  10. Cathy M replied:

    Great finds! I love the peony painting~divine~! Claudia, you are the winner of my french~inspired giveaway of the fleur charm! Stop by my blog & get my email address (below About Me). Let me know where I can send your pendant!!


  11. Natasha Burns replied:

    Wonderful artwork! I love the peony too, and the little tryst going on there made me smile – they’re beautiful pieces of art.
    I have been thinking of you, as we have a new French Patisserie that has opened nearby (I posted pics on my blog, 2nd post from top if you want to take a look). Anything with the word Paris in it makes me think of you and your book! :)


  12. kIm replied:

    I am so sad our trip is over. I have been so grateful to have been able to experience Paris through you. I have loved every minute of it! Peony’s are my favorite flower so I too would have chosen that painting and I love the little hatbox picture, the colors are really great.
    Hope you have a good trip back home and thanks for all the memories.


  13. Courtney replied:

    Oh my goodness, I love the pochoirs, the peony, and the illustrations in the books!! What beautiful pieces to bring home!


  14. Claudia replied:

    You have found such wonderful art work. I’m a peony lover, too, so that particular piece is my favorite. Have a safe trip home.



  15. mlle paradis replied:

    aaaarrggggg. O-M-G-!-!-!-!-!-!-!

    I have died a thousand deaths reading over these last posts going back to Lorraine’s apart. (And changing my comments I my head with each one!) I mean Stephs yes I would move into it yesterday. And he would never get me out again not with all the gendarmes in France. But Lorraines – perfection! So like so many places but so utterly unique and authentic and special – you all chose very well. All the little accents and touches are just. PERFECT.

    I’m not at home now, but I just might have to go to Kinko’s and print out the whole last week of your life! Lucky you! Bon retour en Floride!


  16. Fifi Flowers replied:

    oooh la la LOVE this artwork!!!


  17. barb replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    What a fantastic trip. You have created magic and shared the journey with us. Hope you are home safe and sound.



  18. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Love everything you chose. The tryst and the peony paintings are absolutely fabulous! I hope they love their new home.


  19. FrenchBlue replied:

    Have a safe trip home… I know Miami misses you as Paris will tomorrow~~ I love your peonies. You have your bags full of fun! I know Vignettes. She asked me at Christmas about advertising on the blog and Noel talked to her. The book signing is a dream come true for her:) We just booked our trip in Oct. for Paris then Provence. Let me know your dates in SD when you know more. Welcome Home Dewdrops!


  20. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Love the tryst! And the peonies are gorgeous.
    Love your blog … Feels like a delicious visual vacation. Thank you!


  21. Shane replied:

    Au Revoir to our wonderful few weeks in Paris through your Eyes Claudia.
    thank you for the stunning photos and graphic narrative you shared while collecting the perfect pieces for the perfect PA!
    Todays post WOW, you made great choices.

    I feel Paris withdrawal symptoms already, but then as I only started the journey with you in Paris, I’m looking forward to your Miami posts too.

    would love to meet up in Paris…. sometime.

    Take care
    mme sevigne


  22. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Love the peony Picture, love the girl with the hatboxes, love that you got to spenmd a month in France…!!!Maryanne xo


  23. Sarah @ Natural History replied:

    You must have had such a wonderful time… my own next trip to Paris is going to be shamefully short – just three nights to go to Maison et Objet in September!

    Busy here in Oxford too as I get ready to launch Natural History later this week – I hope you’ll drop by the blog to wish me luck as I move on from Paris and Passementerie to greater (I hope!) things…


  24. Cris replied:

    Hope you are doing well and resting up after your trip. I’m afraid you are taking the oil spill very much to heart – is it strange that I think of you when I hear about Florida?

    Again, hope the silence is a restful one, not a grieving one.


  25. Kate replied:

    I love your pictures so much. Who’s the artist? I hope I”m as lucky. Do you remember which market you got them in? I’ll be there in July.


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