i don’t care what they say

allo everyone, it’s another bright and sunny day in paris! what a difference it makes when it’s warm here, it’s a completely different experience. just two weeks ago i had to buy a coat, gloves, scarf, boots and sweaters. it’s going to be 73 degrees so traipsing through the brocantes and the boxes of dirty papers and letters will be a lot more fun than doing it than with gloves and runny noses.

claudia II and i love to sift through all the papers, letters, etchings, watercolors, postcards and documents that are taken for granted by the french. wonderful ephemera from the 18oos, handwritten agreements, original sketches, music scores, grocery lists, menus and paintings can be found in folders and boxes if you spend time to go through each one.

some i can understand and others can’t be deciphered but who cares what they say? it’s so much fun to find a treasure and see them all together at home. the handwriting, seals and creativity is endless! it thrills me and i’ll never get enough!

most tourists skim the surface at markets but the trick to finding treasures is to take your time. it’s so worth it!

anything paper is magical and has so much information and detail in the tiniest space. you really get a bang for your euro and it’s not heavy to transport back.

quel signature!

original water color above, probably a detail for a  wallpaper sample in the 20s.

these are the kinds of folders you’ll see along side merchant’s tables so look underneath at the stuff that hasn’t even been unpacked or displayed.

well, these are some of my personal secrets to finding le diamonds, and for those of you who have asked for my resources, i promise to share all that with you with the launch that’s happening any day now. (we’re at the last stage, it’s just a matter of time and will have all the info in one place)!

ok well there are a couple brocantes and vide greniers (antique shows and attic sales) happening today and we’re itching to get out in le soleil so off we go! more soon!

May 21, 2010. Ephemera, Fleamarkets, France, illustration, Miniatures, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Paris Trip, Photography, Post Cards.


  1. Cris replied:

    Such pretty pretty stuff! I check every morning when I wake up (before the rest of the rowdy crowd descends and demands breakfast) to see what you’ve been up to while we’ve been sleeping. Love the updates!


  2. Elle Croft replied:

    Oh, it’s all so beautiful! I can’t wait to get to France and get to some of these brocantes. Thanks so much for the tips!


  3. Noel replied:

    You are making me sick.. this is too much for me. Is that pink paper with handwriting?



  4. Trish replied:

    Feel like I’m on a sugar high…so incredible!!! Merci…merci! XO Trish


  5. Shane replied:

    What beautiful forgotten stories there must be amongst these letters, from people who were just like us no doubt.

    They wrote their news and thoughts and even dreams to the ones they loved – never thinking they would still be around a hundred or so years later.
    If they had known – would they have written differently?

    Beautiful, inspiring post and have a fun weekend in Paris – lucky YOU!!


  6. Beatriz replied:

    I love old letters/papers! I have a book with copies of some famous letters, but I would love to see letters written by the bourgeois. You’re really making me want to visit!!


  7. starrydeborah replied:

    Oh my goodeness!!! Parisian ephemera!!! My fav! You are making me crazed with it all, and I’m loving it!!!
    french blessings,


  8. Nancy replied:

    I won’t stay in a world without love.


  9. annechovie replied:

    Sounds like a fun adventure ahead for you, Claudia. If anyone can find the gems, you can! xx


  10. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    I would love to have been there poking through tat great Papier… How did the French end up with such great penmanship?????Hmmmmmm? I don’t know. Maryanne xo


  11. parisbreakfasts replied:

    I have just drooled all down my front…
    To heck with macarons.
    These are my first love forever!!


  12. Hope Ava replied:

    Claudia, I share your love of paper ephemera…a box full of old papers with strange script is a veritable treasure trove to my eye! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! And I’m completely in love with your alphabet series!! On a recent trip to Montreal I was bemoaning the lack of time (and extreme cold) that prevented me from wandering the city and taking pictures of the beautiful scrolling moldings and pediments that decorated so many of the historic buildings. Those images of yours are just fabulous! I saved most of them to my desktop for future inspiration!

    Have a wonderful Paris weekend!
    Hope Ava


  13. Di Overton replied:

    Hello lovely Claudia I. Great to see you are now referring to your friend as Claudia II :)
    It got hot in Paris because I left. I have never known it be so cold there in May. You seem to be having a great time and hope you have managed to get together with Tara again. I hear her boiler packed up when you were supposed to be visiting :(
    I am busy turning my Paris finds into Ghosts and my new website is on the final stretch. Keep in touch and give Paris a hug from me
    Love to Claudia II


  14. Des replied:

    Wow, what an interesting post. Thanks for sharing this.


  15. KENNY replied:

    The picutre is so impress!! i should arrange a trip to France!!


  16. Glitterati Elite replied:

    Will you be covering any fleas in NYC with your application?


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