love letters from paris

bonjour everyone! hope your week is going well! having free time really gives me the chance to enjoy the details of the city. i get obsessed with little things like shooting windows, doors and lately, letters. i’m trying to get the whole alphabet but here’s the collection so far.

the rare and elusive w

some are just pretty swirls and god help me if i start with numbers! but for a font lover like me this is heaven! have a great journée!

May 20, 2010. Architecture, Design, Paris, Paris Trip, Windows.


  1. Sadie Boon replied:

    I have often wondered why there are so many of those initals scattered around Paris, it’s not something I have seen in any other city! do you know why?

    Sadie at Flea xxx


  2. Cris replied:

    What a great idea – I’ll be stealing that on my next trip!


  3. Lady Nik replied:

    J’adore… Merci :D I am remembering why I love the language so much with the poetry in everything they create and express….


    • kIm replied:

      How beautiful! I could see a series of those framed, spelling out something! Your photography is really gorgeous. I am so happy you have some free time to show us such an intricate detail of Paris.
      Thanks for posting!


  4. Shane replied:

    Your creative eye never ceases to amaze me Claudia.

    I’ve always photographed doors, street signs and shop windows in France.

    Next time I’m there I’m sure it will be all about “letters and numbers”!!

    Thank you for more Claudia inspiration!!


  5. Kate replied:

    You’re so cool! Have you posted all your favorite markets and such somewhere? I’ll be there in July.


  6. Nancy replied:

    These are so nice!!
    I like the B with the man’s face behind the sheer curtain. And of course the N for me.


  7. molly replied:


    Love all the iron and scroll work …! You captured my favorite cherubs ….in the Madeliene district. I have made that photo I shot into a handbag and a 6 x 6 tumbled marble tile. Glad you are enjoying yourself…you deserve it:)


  8. Chatelaine replied:

    Love your alphabet. Such beautiful gates and entryways. They’re all so elegant.

    I love that window with the lace curtains, so gorgeous!


  9. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Please see my blog for a mention and a link in my Fabulous Friday post XX Gypsy Purple


  10. Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi replied:

    What a wonderful idea!


  11. Cathy M replied:

    I have been to Paris & never really noticed these (although it has been about 9 years since I traveled there). Just stunning photography!


  12. Write Girl replied:

    This is beautiful…I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. Your photos make me feel like I’m there. It’s amazing what you can find along the journey if you open your eyes. Lovely photos.


  13. Robin @ My Melange replied:

    Hi Claudia!

    Oh you have such an eye for detail that I sooo appreciate. I’m a sucker for anything stone or wrought iron – so long as it has such swirly, curly scrollwork. Oh and cherubs…my other favorite. Lovely photos, simply lovely.


  14. The Armchair Parisian replied:

    How fun!


  15. renee finberg replied:

    great post.
    i have spent days running around paris taking the same pics.

    xx love


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