broken chairs and pink chandeliers

bonjour mes amis! it was a long cold day but finally sunny day in paris as we trudged through vanves, clignancourt and the bastille once again. it was my client who noticed that i seem to gravitate toward broken down pieces who have seen lots of action and have a penchant for pink chandeliers.

chairs seem to have a particular life of their own, i can only imagine the action they’ve seen, sitting silently for ages in paris apartments through both wild soirees and  at desks while their owners wrote letters to lovers.

i know some of you share my passion for chairs so i just thought you’d enjoy some from this afternoon’s trek.

the abundance and variety is infinite, not to mention the condition, fabric, carvings and details.

i am dying for this 3 piece chaise and would love to bring it home.

there is so much to see in a day, my memory card is chock full of hundreds of lovely goodies but it’s getting late and tomorrow is sunday which means another full day of hunting. there’s no way a market can be happening and i can go someplace else. it’s like a drug.

every single stand and merchant has collected hundreds of pieces from the grand to the très petitte.

if you look  closely at this stand you’ll see the enormous feathers on the back wall. i have to wonder, where were they found and who was the grand dame who had them as her backdrop?

i was particularly fascinated by paintings and drawings today and would love to have a collection of my very own.

i guess blue eye shadow was all the rage in the 1780s

i don’t usually go for guys (being such a girly girl), but he seems to have a lot of personality

and her, well, i’m in just in love with her dog.

between all my longings i really am focusing on my clients and suggested this mirror for their entry since it’s a total steal at 450 euros. it’s in debate but the detail is fabulous.

they ended up with a few great purchases today including this antique japanese chest,

and they got this highly french polished table for between the two chairs in the salon. it’s all being delivered on monday so we’re about to see a big change.

we also picked up this table and lamp which claudia so graciously carried through the market. she said it was lighter than her purse so she sure didn’t mind.

and this little sweetie was delivered yesterday. madame has discovered a love of butcher’s wax so we spent yesterday cleaning the chandeliers with toothbrushes while she brought this and all the other pieces back to life.

this mirror is going in the little bathroom over the sink.

it may look like it’s going slow but truthfully we’ve gotten almost everything on the list and the pieces that are there all seem like they belong together. it’s a fun puzzle to figure out and madame client actually did the snoopy happy dance so that let me know we’re really getting there!

if you’ve been playing along you’ll recognize the new chairs and the mirror above. as soon as everything is in, the contractor is coming back to hang the mirrors and chandeliers, sconces and attend to little details.

and finally, these are the chandeliers in the kitchen that we scrubbed over and over yesterday, just waiting to be hung back in an apartment after being ripped out with such nonchalance by someone who preferred ikea. we hope their second life will be a long and happy one shining down on the new owners, their friends, parties and dinners. hopefully they’ll stay for a good long time. mostly cause our cuticles are broken from scrubbing and we want them to  live forever in a gorgeous apartment. it’s their birthright! ok, bonne nuit!

May 15, 2010. Brocantes, Decorating, Fleamarkets, Furniture, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Flea Markets, Paris Trip, Vanves Flea Market.


  1. Nita replied:

    Claudia – I hope you bought that painting of the woman and the pooch. What sweet faces they both had.


  2. Judith replied:

    Bonjour Claudia!!! What a dream the apartment is turning out to be! The photos from the fleas are torturing me and those feathers! I feel weak in the knees!!!


  3. Pam Gray replied:

    All those wonderful chairs! And I do love the woman and dog and even ole’ George!


  4. Jean replied:

    Slow?? I can’t believe how much fantastic stuff you guys have found in such a short time, and to have it all delivered right away! What a dream! Can’t wait to see it all together.


  5. à la parisienne replied:


    This is one of my favorites posts you’ve ever done! I agree with Judith-those feathers are amazing. And of course the pink chandelier is wonderful, too!


  6. starrydeborah replied:

    Ohhhh la la, I am a chair fanatic also and your photos brought much ohhhsss and ahhhhs! Bringing me such wonderful memories of wonderful Paris.
    french blessings,


  7. jules @ The Diversion Project replied:

    oh good grief, died and gone to heaven. that three piece chaise makes my heart beat faster!


  8. Julienne replied:

    There is just something totally irresistible about French chairs!


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love the painting with the woman and the dog .This Paris pied a terre is going to look fabulous , love your style , madame


  10. Alison Gibbs replied:

    So many beautiful pieces. Love the pink chandelier, it would look fabulous in the right space


  11. agneta replied:


    I just want to tell you that I like like like your blog, it’s incredibly inspiring.

    I would also like to leave a footprint after me & Sweden, and will welcome you to my blog.



  12. Christy replied:

    Love the two white chairs. They look so comfy.


  13. Sarah replied:

    What a treat it is to follow along on your apartment adventure. I’m oh so envious! Thanks for taking me along. ~ Sarah


  14. Angela G replied:

    Goodness, the lady with the dog could be me and my Tobydog, OH agrees! I have a blonde bob just like that and a fondness for yellow tops and her dog looks just like my boy! How strange!


  15. Karena replied:

    I adore the three piece chaise!

    Giveaway by Beth Cosner Jewelry Designs is up on my site. Come visit!

    Art by Karena


  16. The Lil Bee replied:

    God, I love this! That first one is gorgeous, and I love the blue and red velvet chairs, as well. So so pretty:)


  17. pavlova replied:

    Oh Claudia….in my dreams, I am your client. Just love the 3-piece chaise and the chandeliers!!!


  18. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    The gilded mirror under consideration is PERFECT–buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!!!!


  19. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    You must LOVE your work! I could die happy being in Paris searching through markets for beautiful vintage pieces!


  20. FrenchBlue replied:

    Wait wait wait just one second here mOOnbeams!!!! What is that first image??? A vanity stool that is vintage circus colors!?!?!? AND that bleu painting with the desk and window!?!??! Did you buy either of these? I must have that painting!! Let me know. You lucky one, you are there for a looong time~ Love you and thanks for your encouraging words to me:)


  21. Shane replied:

    What a wonderful collection.

    ADORE the 3 piece chaise as well!
    Also ADORE the dog who looks like the one I’m getting which is a Lakeland Terrier (he has a black saddle marking on his back). I have to wait as all the litters are taken.
    I’ll check in again tomorrow and see what you found at Sunday’s market!!


  22. pam robinson replied:

    dear claudia… this post is simply amazing… every picture …. wow… i esp love the etchings and paintings… ok, and the furniture… and and and… xx pam


  23. Alicia ~ time worn style replied:

    oh my goodness how totally DIVINE are all those items. I am totally addicted to chairs so this post is absolute eye candy for me!


  24. vicki replied:

    I love those blue chairs, and I love the 3 piece chaise even more! And that mirror–Chairs, mirrors and chandeliers are my weakness. I’m hoping to take some home on my next trip, and when I figure how to get them shipped to me without costing me an arm and a leg. Thanks for this wonderful post!


  25. Sonja @ Uberbliss replied:

    OH! So glad I have found you and your blog. I am traveling to Paris in two weeks and plan to spend a great deal of time walking the shops. Could you direct me to the best locations? I want to go where you took these fabulous photos!


  26. Brenda replied:

    Bonjour! I most definitely share your passion for chairs and chandeliers, and mirrors too!! That first table is exquisite.
    Did you end up purchasing the 3 piece chaise? I dying to know! It’s FABULOUS.
    xoxo, B


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