an affair to remember toujours

bon soir everyone!

thank you for the bon appetit wishes last night. it was truly one i will never forget and feel privileged to have been invited to such a soiree magnifique. it felt like we stepped back in time to a salon gathering of some of the great young minds and talents residing and making their marks in paris.

from the moment we walked into the foyer and were handed champagne, the night was pure magic. as the 16 guests arrived, we mingled and chatted and the air was palpable with what our paletes were about to experience!

if you’re in paris, i highly recommend you make a reservation at the hidden kitchen. our host and hostess, braden and laura are the most charming and talented american couple you could hope to meet on your trip, and the exquisite beauty of everything from the decor of their apartment to every morsel they served was sublime!

their mantle was tres adorable

and the menu was abbreviated but we were beyond satiated.

le amuse bouche was tres amusant

my camera wasn’t great in low light but you get the idea.

who knew a poached egg could be sculpted?

the theme was a bit of a twist on american classics like buffalo wings and sliders

and david lebovitz’s dessert recipe was the perfect cherry on top of the fantastic feast.

thank god for the coffee at the end of our 4 hours together so i could go home and share it all with claudia who would have loved it. next time i’ll treat her as she’s someone who would have enjoyed every moment of it.

our hosts were the lovely meg zimbeck and king david himself

who held court and entertained us with stories of life in paris, the trials and tribulations of everything from breaking 50euros (the french only take out 40 euros at a time to avoid beaucoup drama).  david is a pastry genius who is living here and enjoying life to the fullest. he just published his 6th book which we were given and i can’t wait to delve into.

and the evening was put together by lily of context who runs incredible walking tours (some given by meg and david themselves).  i’d love to sign up for one of those afternoons of decadence! they also do private itineraries (her latest included a trip to the louvre after hours and onto laser tag)!

so that was ma nuit

it’s a place that’s open to everyone and i hope you indulge. it’s one of the best ways to enjoy an intimate evening making new friends and time traveling and experiencing a gastronomic extravaganza! as good as the food was, the conversation, atmosphere and one of a kind evening was one i’ll treasure.

thank you erica for a night that will stay with me forever!

May 14, 2010. David Lebovitz, France, Gourmet, Living, Paris, Paris Apartments, Paris Trip, The Hidden Kitchen.


  1. Miss Amy replied:

    This is incredible!!! Wow, Claudia. It is fantastic you were able to experience this. I have always wanted to seek out one of these back door supper clubs. What beautiful food presentation. I bet it tasted as wonderful as it looks. Thanks for sharing. Now I have a few more ideas for a party I’m throwing next week :)


  2. Cynthia Maniglia replied:

    Wow, wow, wow – I could just sit and oogle and drool and put myself in that setting and thing …

    What the heck would I talk about?


    Did you talk in French????


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    don’t worry, not a word of french was spoken, we were all americans and a few lovely canadians. we talked about food and travel and life and love, all the good things in life! i hope you make reservations since you’re planning so far ahead!


  4. à la parisienne replied:


    Thank you for sharing this delightful experience with us. Your words in this post are quite poetic and the atmosphere presented here appears so intimate and convivial.
    Paris is treating you well!


  5. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    It looks and sounds wonderful . What a fabulous experience


  6. Jean replied:

    How fabulous! I would love to do that. The food looks scrumptious, and the apartment is beautiful. What a great idea!


  7. Melissa replied:

    Claudia ~

    Read this carefully ~ I’m so jealous! VERY! But also beyond elated for you and your incredible evening. Next time, I want to join you!



  8. Judith replied:

    That’s sounds beyond amazing!!! What a gorgeous setting, it almost takes you back to another time.
    Just gorgeous!!!


  9. June Jacobs replied:

    gnashing of teeth! Why can’t Americans GET the difference between PALATE (the taste in your mouth) and PALETTE (what an artist mixes his paints on)?


  10. Meg Zimbeck replied:

    Thanks so much for coming! It was fantastic to meet you in person after following you online. What a fun night that turned out to be!


  11. Julienne replied:

    I am emailing the whole post to my daughter so she can visit on her next trip to Paris! The whole night looks and sounds stunning!


  12. Lily Heise replied:

    Great meeting you Claudia! You were a great addition to the guest list! Glad you had fun! Let me know if you have time to meet up during your stay :)


  13. annechovie replied:

    My mouth is watering, Claudia! Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo


  14. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    Sob…sob…can you hear me weeping with jealousy??? I can’t help it. That evening looks fabuleux.


  15. kIm replied:

    Thanks for taking us with you Claudia! I so enjoyed this post I went over it a couple of times so as not to miss any detail. Just loved it!


  16. yvonne replied:

    That is an incredible post.
    Lovely and thank you.



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