the saucy sides of paris

i don’t know if i mentioned that my friend claudia arrived to assist with the job this week. she’s been coming on the trips for more than 10 years and is the kind of friend who will do anything for you and doesn’t mind if i get cranky or bossy which i may have done once. or twice. ok, maybe 3 times but that’s it!

when we’re together she always reminds me how much i love the risque side of paris. for my other project i’ve been looking for the perfect something to illustrate the french playfulness between the risque and refined.

we love to dig through old ephemera and always come out filthy but with lots of paper treasures. she collects images of architectural elements whereas i look for souvenirs and sketches of the saucy side of paris.

on another note, i really wish i had time to refine my photography skills, almost everything is inspirational, even old cuffs and collars, costumes and plumes…

back on the decorating tip, i always find new ideas in old magazines

and as we headed back out to clignancourt yesterday, we slipped into the waaaayyy back

where you can find some of the best stuff. it’s where dealers who don’t mind getting down and dirty do it. you have to dig deep and you’ll leave looking like a disaster but there are treasures galore.

back in civilization on the other side of clignancourt,  we shopped once again for some pretty things for the apartment. these are a couple things i’m daydreaming about  for my own little fantasy place in my own little mind…

wood panel from the 1800s i could just EAT

blue satin chairs that have seen much too much of a muchness. believe it or not i love them ‘as is’!

sick i know but that’s the real me!

and i could just pop this paneling up in any room and be very happy there!

back in reality, we met with our clients in the morning who found these great 8 chairs in the 5 minutes waiting for me! they go perfectly with their harvest table.

and they found this little stool for extra seating.

can you tell i wasn’t there? she doesn’t want the place to be filled with as she says, too much girly stuff! so i think they’re striking a good balance. a quick decision was made on a buffet for the dining room which, besides a trumeau mirror is actually the first of the rooms to be completed!

they’re debating these chairs for the bedrooms as each will have a cozy reading nook with a table, lamp and ottoman. they’ve just been recovered with linen and nice soft stuffing so being ready to go is a huge selling point.

claudia found them this 1920s blue deco table that looks like it’s seen a lot of good times. it’s in debate but we’ll revisit it and the chairs, mirrors, coffee and occasional tables today.

oh god i just realized it’s getting late and i hate to be the last one there. these sconces were the last thing we got yesterday before we all pooped out.  this afternoon i promised lorraine (claudia’s mom)  to her give her apartment a facelift so it’s gonna be a trés loin jour. claudia’s back with my croissant so you know i better fly! more in a couple hours, who knows what but i love the hunt! have a great monday, hope it’s sunny where ever you are!

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  1. sundaygirl24 replied:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the linen covered chairs! Perfect for a little reading nook in any soft and feminine boudoir!
    Hope the weather is picking up for you!
    Sadie at Flea xx


  2. renee finberg replied:

    i have recently seen and posted a paris apartment that had a huge collection of collars.
    it was fabulous.

    how the heck are you??



  3. flirtinginparis replied:

    This is fantastic! how do you find such treasures?!?!


  4. Trish replied:

    Hi Claudia…I’m with you on the “deconstructed” look of worn chairs. Very charming. Merci! Trish


  5. The Neo-Traditionalist replied:

    You’re killing me, just look at all of your finds! I wish I local flea markets were half as chic. So inspired!

    XX katie


  6. Karina replied:

    I’m not even going to begin to tell you what I think of those chairs! I could stare at them all day long. Oh, how I wish I was there…. Let’s go in September.


  7. Jean replied:

    Oh, I love those linen chairs! I was looking for something like that, but everything I found was way too expensive. They look very comfy, too, perfect reading chairs. Your brother will only allow chairs that are comfy!


  8. Vintage Venus replied:

    Great post…Love the risque ephemera. xx


  9. Heather ~ Pretty Petals replied:

    Hello, oh wow! I love everything… your messy chairs that you love so much are so pretty as they are aren’t they? I love the wood paneling. Have a great day!

    I follow your blog alot but haven’t said hello before… love it so much!

    xo heather


  10. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    I know you saw my blog a while back and it takes me so long to catch up! I loved your post on Cligancourt, I’ve spent many an hour dragging Robes up and down those same allees. The mirror is gorgeous and I love the chairs……..I really like your blog, and will be a regular reader….I’m sorry it took me so long to visit!!!!!!! (oh and if you like the bedding on Trouvais I’ve decided to give some away!) Thanks Maryanne :)


  11. the little things « the paris apartment replied:

    […] the-saucy-sides-of-paris […]


  12. the little things – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] the-saucy-sides-of-paris […]


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