paris is not for everyone

but for those who love her, oooh la la, it’s like soul food!

bonjour tous! my feet are on the ground and so is my suitcase (merci dios). who couldn’t love a city who pays  a pretty lady to pass out lilies of the valley welcoming visitors at the airport? (apparently a tradition since 1541 at the ports)!  i’ve been reading a lot lately about people rolling their eyes when someone says they’re going to paris again…but she’s like an old friend you just have to see once in awhile.

i tried to nap to no avail. my partner in crime from miami is here, linda from parisen salon, so i’m off to rendezvous.  finally  got the internet connection working so i’ll be back soon with what’s up! more soon and have a great weekend!

ps you can’t crack a magazine without eye candy! these are new from christian louboutin…my days are about to get pretty schelppy and grungy so they’re just a dream, but a beautiful dream nonetheless!

May 1, 2010. Paris.


  1. Claudia replied:

    Have a wonderful time! Someday…someday, I will get to Paris!



  2. Vicki Archer replied:

    Happy Fete du Muguet Claudia….don’t forget to email me if you come down near Avignon….Have fun, xv.


  3. Petite replied:

    1. You can never visit her too much
    2. I want those shoes
    3. How have I never found you ‘the paris apartment’. i think im in love. =)


  4. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    Beinvenue! So glad you arrived safely. Sorry we did not have the beautiful sunshine waiting to greet you in Paris today. Wishing you a wonderful time!


  5. Karena replied:

    Claudia, have traveled to Europe and the Greek Isles, the Uk etc, have not been to Paris and know I will one day soon!! I love your site!

    Art by Karena


  6. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Have a wonderful time Claudia! Will enjoy hearing what you are up to over there(whatever that is , wink, wink)XO


  7. mariska meijers replied:

    I was just there last week. Don’t miss the YSL and Hermes exhibitions. Try to have diner at Le Vieil Ami which belongs to the restauant group of star chef Antoine Westermann. We had beautiful food there (69 Rue Saint Louis en l’ile). Enjoy!


  8. Margarita replied:

    Beautiful shoes! I will be visiting Paris again this August and I can’t wait!


  9. Nancy replied:

    Never have I seen a more beautiful way to say hello May 1st!

    Enjoy the month of May in Paris!!


  10. Alva replied:

    oh what I wouldn’t give to be back in Paris! Your posts always make me so jealous!


  11. Cindy replied:

    And to think I have to wait five months to see this “friend.” Oh, well …

    Nevertheless, I am into HEELS with a passion, so you’ve struck a chord.

    Have a wonderful visit!


  12. jules @ The Diversion Project replied:

    oh there is never enough paris for my liking!!! I have never met anyone who has been there and not loved it. hope this one is a fabulous trip : )



  13. Jean replied:

    Wish we were there! Fiona said today that she ONLY wants to go to Paris with Auntie Claudia. I told her we would make sure that her first trip is with her dear aunt. Wish we could hop on a plane right now!


  14. High Heeled Life replied:

    I so agree, I have only just returned from Paris a few days ago and am already making plans for a return visit! Have a great trip – check out my blog I am posting about my trip


  15. sundaygirl24 replied:

    I have been waiting for your Paris posts ever since you first mentioned this trip! Can’t wait to see lots and lots of pics of the flea markets! You know I love it!!
    Sadie at Flea xx

    p.s. Any chance of skipping over the channel for an afternoon. London is calling you Claudia! x x


  16. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I want to see more pictures of Your Paris . I always enjoy your pics of the city of Light


  17. Hope Ava replied:

    Oh my gosh those shoes are the loveliest things I’ve ever seen! I love stripes so much!! Have a wonderful time shopping all the pretties…I’m green with envy.


  18. Linda replied:

    Love the pic of the Lilies of the Valley.

    Had a fab time with you aujourd’hui wandering the streets of Montmartre, the Marais and the 5th. Wish we had more time to do some real damage. Ne c’est pas?

    A bientôt, mon amie … jusqu’à retour à Miami.


  19. viva la sk replied:

    lilies of the valley! i used to sing a short choral round about lilies of the valley when i was younger :)


  20. Therese Waddell replied:

    What a wonderful French tradition with lilies Claudia and just for you I’m sure. Soak it all up and great photo by the way. Kindest regards, Therese


  21. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia!!! So glad you made it safely and what a beautiful day to arrive!! Happy Fete du Muguet, I love the Lilies of the Valley that are everywhere! A beautiful and lovely tradition/holiday. I hope you have a wonderful time and as always, I pour over the pics of Paris from your eyes. I can’t wait to see what you are working on. Have a fantastic adventure and journey…and say hello to my old friend Paris! I agree, she is one of those dear friends you just have to pop in an see from time to time. One of these days Claudia, I will meet up with you to see her!! :)


  22. Andrea replied:

    Love the pic of the Lilies of the Valley!


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