j’ai deux amours, mon pays et paris

bonsoir à tous

it’s hard to believe that a month has flown by. this is officially my last night and the packing’s done, stomach full and lids are heavy. i’ll miss paris but love miami too and although my heart breaks for the oil spill, i’m looking forward to getting home and seeing what’s ahead.

packing artwork was the last thing to do and i just thought you may enjoy some of the pieces from the markets that are coming home with me.  these are pochoirs by lucien victor guirand de scévola (meaning they’re hand painted over engravings). i fell in love with them cause they have the playfulness of paris’ sensuality combined with gorgeous colors, set in the backdrop of luxe paris apartments.

i love the tryst going on in the salon while the party is just outside the door…

i always wonder what went on in these apartments before our time, the fires that burned, who hurried home as dusk fell with treats  from the markets to faire that famous french cuisine, and after, embroider, read, write and play and love. what could life have been like in this mysterious city for so many centuries? and to think it was all done by candlelight, with no running water and little heat. still so much was accomplished with such exquisite detail.

it looks like they were having a grand old time in spite of any hardships though. it’s because of those days that the fleas remain as fascinating as they do. how did people create such lovely things without the technologies and advances we have today using just their imagination and bare hands?

this oil is from the 20s and as a peony lover i just had to have it.

i didn’t get her (above) but love her just the same. but i did get these little books. the colors are still vibrant and the books are sweet lessons in love. the french have a way of making love so adorable and romantic!

and even though her hatbox is british, it’s still a bon voyage message to paris, i’ll be back soon (when the weather’s better hopefully)! it’s always bittersweet to leave but knowing this solid and magnificent place is here keeps me content. happy memorial day to you at home and see you on the other side!

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smitten by the fleas

my name is claudia and i’m a flea-aholic.

hi all! hope your weekend is winding down well and you had a good memorial day! guess it’s no surprise where i ended up on the last full day to myself! my girl christine and i went to the markets to pay for the things on hold and celebrate a great day in the sun with friends.

i’ve been meaning to introduce you to one of my dear flea friends, stephane. he has a stall at paul bert and was the perfect host, as usual, with a ton of guests, wine and cheese.

i wasn’t sure who’d want to be photographed so just stuck with the man himself. it’s funny cause you just never know who’s who at a place like the flea market. steph has a place close to me in the marais that was phtographed for a french magazine. he gave me a copy and i thought you may like the tour as much as i did.

some of the furniture is now in his shop, funny where things end up!

and we were hosted by another friend where we polished off an incredible homemade and gâteau more wine…

which led me to splurge and purchase these chairs!

of course, i had to choose carefully but it was so hard

how can you not love a place who upholstered everything in satin back in the day?

these were hard to resist

and even when we tried to do something other than the markets, the streets laid out more goodies before us at a brocante!

you never know what is going to be just ahead, guess that’s the magic of this ridiculously magical city.

here upon closer inspection were the relics of so many men who fought to protect it this dear place.

and their arms. how things have changed.

and i probably couldn’t leave paris without seeing a daybed on the street,

or a chaise for that matter!

i still have my heart set on this one but don’t think it’s gonna happen. i don’t have a store anymore and really not even an apartment. how’s that for the cobbler with no shoes?

the color combination is killing me! (thanks, mom, for saying i should get it. it would look good in my old room ;p

anyway, back to work tomorrow to restring the chandeliers with my clients so i’ll bring flowers and take pics of the final result. till then, have a great night and extend your weekend as long a possible!

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to the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world

bonjour toute le monde!

i hope you’re having a bon weekend and le soleil is shining.  i’m winding down my trip and just wanted to share this little handpainted card on parchment i picked up this morning for a euro. my french is far from parfait but basically it says that to be happy with myself, i need my friends. it made me think of you and how much it meant to have you along on the trip even if it was from afar. your notes and comments mean so much to me and without you this wouldn’t be half the fun, so thank you for being there and i hope to share paris with you one day soon. i’ll be back in september, so  check for flights!

anyway tomorrow is another early morning, i’m shopping for a sweet pâtisserie in california so lots of goodies are headed west. monday i’m back with my clients to make sure their chandelier crystals are all in line  ;p

for now it’s close to 3am and i’m ready to drop so bonne soirée with love from paree!

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