time to face reality


happy monday. it’s a gloomy rainy day here and i’m loving it. the past couple days were completely tech free so i’m about to jump back into the ether pool after a much needed recharge.

these are the last few days to tie up loose ends.  i’m leaving on friday for a month in paris and am not sure how it crept up so suddenly. funny how you have all the time in the world and then you don’t.

so i have to get crackin. we’d like  to ‘launch’ on may 15 and there is still a ton to do.

and for my job,  i’m preparing an itinerary for my clients.  since we’ll be shopping,  i’m putting together a calendar of every brocante, flea market and vide grenier (attic sale) that’s happening in paris each day of the week throughout the month. may is one of the best times of the year for the markets in paris, and practically my favorite thing to do in the world. this one’s on the day i arrive.

but the work part, the prep, man, that’s tedious!  ok, back to it, more soon.

April 26, 2010. Architecture, Brocantes, Decorating, France, Paris, Windows.


  1. kIm replied:

    Oh wow would I love to be your assistant! I would carry your bags and do all the stuff you hated to do……….Well I am sure you get that offer all the time!
    I missed something when you said Launch? I have been waiting for your announcement is there a connection?


    • theparisapartment replied:

      that’s a great offer, there will be a lot of schelpping going on for sure! oh ps yes, the launch is for my iphone app!


  2. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    The weather here in Paris has been absolutely gorgeous. Blue skies and lots of sunshine. You’ll have a fabulous time in spite of all the tedious prep work. The “launch” is nearly here…
    Bon voyage!


  3. yvonne replied:

    Sure do wish I was going with you.
    Have fun, be safe.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    just fyi, you guys are invited where ever i go! i wish you were coming too!


  5. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia, My iphone is anxiously awaiting the app :) I can’t wait! :) A month in Paris is so exciting and so much work, I am so elated just thinking of the amazing photos and sights you are going to share! My heart aches a little everytime I open one of your Paris posts!! I always do love to see Paris through your eyes.


  6. pgaudet replied:

    So jealous that you will be in Paris for a whole month, but at least I can comfort myself knowing that we should all be in for some great blog entries! And the Euro is turning a bit more to your favor!! Bon Chance et Bon Courage!! Paul Gaudet


  7. Di Overton replied:

    I am in Paris from 9th – 16th May and am meeting up with Tara (Paris Parfait) would love you to pop along


  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    you’re going to have a wonderful time .. May is my favorite month


  9. thearmchairparisian replied:

    Paris for a whole month…le ::sigh:: ~ I am très jealous! And flea markets to boot… Have a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing what treasures yo find.


  10. Ursula replied:

    Oh, I’m just so jealous! I do hope you have a fabulous time.


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