how can i put this…

thanks for these images,

all i can say is it’s such a relief to be here, even if only for this brief shining moment!

there’s just no way to say it with finesse…it’s tax time and this procrastinator is looking at an HnR block appointment tomorrow at high noon.  the only thing that could cheer me up before i dive into that un-fun pool was coming here to say hi. after this, i’ll be almost free and can’t wait to get my life back.  it’s funny how much of life’s little pleasures have to do with blogging.  it’s just not the same having to run in and out with short quick hellos. i miss my friends and getting energy from the creativity and beauty you share every day! ok so see you soon then, off i go!

April 13, 2010. Decorating, Friends.


  1. Berlin replied:

    Blogging is therapy to me, so I know how you feel :)


  2. cityfarmer replied:

    whew, we stayed up late last night …just to find out we owed a wad of money …
    hope all goes well …

    we need to pick up where we left off … I’ll be sewing farmsac pillows real soon …
    get your orders in


  3. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Hey, I am totally with you. This tax-time squeeze is totally killing my weekend and my life in general. Just plow though and get it over with (I am talking to myself as well) then back to fun. XO


  4. myfrenchawakening replied:

    My mother always used to say, roll your sleeves up and do what you HAVE to do before you do what you WANT to do. I say this to the kids in the classroom all the time. Don’t let it take over emotional space, put the nike tick on your forehead and just do it! Then we can all look forward to lovely thoughts…All the best, Therese


  5. Gail replied:

    Good luck with your date with the taxman! Hopefully you can get it done quickly and get back to doing the things you love…like blogging!!
    I totally understand what you’re going through, I had to take care of all of that last week…not fun. But now I feel like it’s a burden that’s behind me. Here’s to hoping you’ll be feeling liberated soon.


  6. Hope Ava replied:

    That first image is divine! Best of luck with your taxes…we still have that mountain to climb ourselves. I foresee a lot of hunting for receipts accompanied by off color murmurings and grumblings.

    Hope Ava


  7. Molly Mackey replied:

    I am the queen of procrastination. I am still that same girl writing the paper all night long versus doing it when it needs to be done. Hey – but what can I say that is the way I am wired. The images you posted are wonderful!


  8. Loretta replied:

    Just fabulous! Love the beautiful curtains! I am also in the process of making some gorgeous silk panels!
    Happy belated!


  9. Karena replied:

    Beautiful images, and yes art and blogging are my therapy….not paperwork!

    Art by Karena


  10. Marija replied:

    I hate this week of the year. Brings so many of my worst traits to surface – procrastination, over-shopping, impulse buying. The list goes on.

    Blogging is therapeutic indeed!



  11. Judith replied:

    Bonne Chance tomorrow Claudia!!! Love the dose of pretty today <3


  12. LaVonne replied:

    You blog always takes me to such a place of rest and peace. Lovely!


  13. ModernPaperGoods | Jen replied:

    Yes, good luck! Every year with me it’s the same thing: “This year I’m going to finish early…” When will I learn? :)


  14. Irene replied:

    Oh dear. We went through all of that last month. I am so thankful we got everything straight. Look forward to the good times and cheer up!


  15. Irene replied:

    P.S. I don’t know if you know, but i must let you knwo that you have the BEST , most interesting sponsors. And that says alot about the hostess:-)


  16. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    I `m with you my friend!!!! Thanks for the link and mention!! Have a great weekend!


  17. a la parisienne replied:


    I hope you survived filing your taxes! I am always so relieved when we send the envelope off in the mail to the IRS!
    Hope you are doing well!


  18. Leilzz replied:

    i absolutely love the large silver picture frame in the 10th picture!! do you have any idea where i could get it one one similar? thanks so much :)


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