she claimed a color

hey guys  i just googled ‘schiaparelli pink’ looking for her exact color and  this image came up.  it made me think of you  so i’m just stopping by right quick!

i hope your night is just getting started has a lot of what you love in it!

April 27, 2010. Designers, Fashion. 11 comments.

time to face reality

happy monday. it’s a gloomy rainy day here and i’m loving it. the past couple days were completely tech free so i’m about to jump back into the ether pool after a much needed recharge.

these are the last few days to tie up loose ends.  i’m leaving on friday for a month in paris and am not sure how it crept up so suddenly. funny how you have all the time in the world and then you don’t.

so i have to get crackin. we’d like  to ‘launch’ on may 15 and there is still a ton to do.

and for my job,  i’m preparing an itinerary for my clients.  since we’ll be shopping,  i’m putting together a calendar of every brocante, flea market and vide grenier (attic sale) that’s happening in paris each day of the week throughout the month. may is one of the best times of the year for the markets in paris, and practically my favorite thing to do in the world. this one’s on the day i arrive.

but the work part, the prep, man, that’s tedious!  ok, back to it, more soon.

April 26, 2010. Architecture, Brocantes, Decorating, France, Paris, Windows. 11 comments.

i cracked the lid

steven miesel via

yes, i took a quick peek into the abyss, i couldn’t resist before digging into the nightshift. you know how blogging makes me all happy and stuff.  well,  i clicked on a random day and just two links pulled onto  just the ride i needed to recharge. this universe never disappointsl!

so this just a non sequitur from a  free fall.  hope you have fun where ever you’re headed!

Ziegfeld Girl

it’s funny how this trail of breadcrumbs was all about flappers.

anyway, duty calls.  i’m starting to see the light,  sort of. the details never seem to end, i can’t wait to say, fini!

ok enough talk, work!

April 23, 2010. 1920's, 1930's, flappers. 9 comments.

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