le monde des cartes postales

happy monday everybody! glad we’re all here to share another one  ;p

yesterday i met a wonderful couple at the lincoln road antique show here in miami beach, francis and monica.  they’re from the south of france and travel the world selling their incredible collection of french post cards. they’re in town twice a year and yesterday was my lucky day! you know i had to ask if they had any leo fontan, and of course they did. it’s a little banged up and used and i love it. at $10,  how could i refuse?

i couldn’t read most of the note. then again maybe i’m not supposed to!

anyway i forgot what a thrill postcards are. tangible,  living text messages.

they’ve always been the rage in paris. these old shots are from the cartes du timbres show at the champselysées that’s happened every sunday for a century, just like it will this weekend.

they’re fascinating to collect cause so many are one of a kind.  the buzz has hit the states and there’s going to be a big show at the hotel new yorker in the city in may and the couple is back to paris june 4th and 5th for the carte expo at Mutualité. (the building and the metro stop).

and for all you postcard aficionados who won’ t be able to make either one, check out postacard world magazine . they just published their second issue.  congratulations and best of luck, you recognized a genre that needed love!

oh wow, where did the day go? more soon!

ps thanks, paulette, for turning me on to the ebay stash of fontan’s cards…and just like that, a new obsession is born. just what i needed. how did you know?!

March 29, 2010. Leo Fontan, Miami, New York, Paris, Post Card Show New York, Post Card Shows Paris, Post Cards.


  1. yvonne replied:

    I think this post is the tops, great i really love it.. yvonne


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    aw yvonne, that’s the sweetest thing i ever heard, thank you!


  3. eveegee replied:

    The bouquinistes are like treasure chests. Please keep sharing your finds!


  4. Nancy replied:

    “living text message”
    love it!!

    Thanks for reminding me to send more postcards!


  5. Paulette replied:

    Oh I love it that you found one of the series and even more that its worn and shows its age. Welcome to my world of “image junkie” !! The search for more of your Fontan led me to spend way too much on another artist that I love. I’m so inspired, I can’t wait to use some of my new finds for a few new card designs:)) xoxo, paulette


  6. Leeann replied:

    Great post!I love the old french post cards and have a few of my own. One of which, was sent to me recently when a friend went to Chartres on holiday, so much nicer than a new one.

    A bientot,



  7. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    Marvelous post, I love the vintage images. It’s always a pleasure to receive one. Old postcards always gets my little brain racing about the who, what and when involved.
    Happy Tuesday,


  8. Annie replied:

    It’s actually “le monde des cartes postales”…


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    annie, you rock, thank you so much for telling me, i hoped someone would! it’s usually my dad, i guess he’s busy. sounds like a good reason to call him and say hi so thanks for that too :)


  10. Elaine replied:

    Lovely selection of cards. The French know how to do it right. I don’t think ours can compare.

    Must check out that Ebay shop!


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