le monde des cartes postales

happy monday everybody! glad we’re all here to share another one  ;p

yesterday i met a wonderful couple at the lincoln road antique show here in miami beach, francis and monica.  they’re from the south of france and travel the world selling their incredible collection of french post cards. they’re in town twice a year and yesterday was my lucky day! you know i had to ask if they had any leo fontan, and of course they did. it’s a little banged up and used and i love it. at $10,  how could i refuse?

i couldn’t read most of the note. then again maybe i’m not supposed to!

anyway i forgot what a thrill postcards are. tangible,  living text messages.

they’ve always been the rage in paris. these old shots are from the cartes du timbres show at the champselysées that’s happened every sunday for a century, just like it will this weekend.

they’re fascinating to collect cause so many are one of a kind.  the buzz has hit the states and there’s going to be a big show at the hotel new yorker in the city in may and the couple is back to paris june 4th and 5th for the carte expo at Mutualité. (the building and the metro stop).

and for all you postcard aficionados who won’ t be able to make either one, check out postacard world magazine . they just published their second issue.  congratulations and best of luck, you recognized a genre that needed love!

oh wow, where did the day go? more soon!

ps thanks, paulette, for turning me on to the ebay stash of fontan’s cards…and just like that, a new obsession is born. just what i needed. how did you know?!

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you know how it is

we’ve been thru this before but it doesn’t change how a fleeting glimpse into cyberspace can create a vortex beyond your powers to resist.  tonight the peek  was into lightlocations.com. i feel like i’ve been there before there was so much eye candy i couldn’t stop from looking through everything. resistance was futile and way more fun!

so thank you natural history for the link and if you visit either site, be prepared to stay a while, it’s a deep rabbit hole. in fact,  natural’s blog is full goodies…check out her other discovery:  ensuite, two sisters’ life in their paris apartment. don’t say i didn’t warn you tho!

ok well i have to go while it’s still a beautiul afternoon, there’s the antique show on at lincoln road. a tout alors!

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just when you think you’ve seen it all

there’s always someone and something new to discover. these adorable  illustrations are by Leo Fontan, 1883-1965. i found them on flickr searching ‘risque french’ and just fell for them. It’s a set 6 that  owner frank long found in a secret compartment of his grandfather’s desk. he believes they’re souvenirs of the Great War. i think they’re early flappers.

well, i have to a deadline but saw them knew you’d love them! do you know the artist? i didn’t. gonna google him now. ok, bonne nuit!

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