in the thick of it

a little flapper love for no reason at all~

hey guys, hope you’re home and chillin’ tonight!  i actually have to have a report ready by tomorrow (i feel like i’m in high school), so i have to make this short and sweet. i have to thank fifi flowers for sending me this painting she made from one of my photos of paris last spring. fifi, you always put a little more color in the world!

(you can see the original post above)

ok well sorry to cut it short but a call is coming in…i better go! have a great nuit!


February 24, 2010. art, flappers, Friends, Paris.


  1. Karena replied:

    I adore Fifi’s art. This is just beautiful!!



  2. Joelle Dolce Bebe replied:

    Hello beautiful one!
    I am LOVING everything as usual.
    I have to come back & catch up.
    So much inspiration & such talent all over the place.
    Thank you for sharing everything & everyones links.
    I wish I didn’t ever have to sleep.
    So much to do & see.
    Again, Thanks for everything!
    Joelle XOXOXO


  3. Nita Stacy replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about two years. I love it. I started my own blog recently and tomorrow I’m going to post about the light bulb issue and link to your site. I fear we’re too late too. I too just hate the way they look but more hate them for what they do to the environment. Thank you for creating your blog about it. I am telling all my friends and will post to go to your blog tomorrow on my blog. I was horrified when I went shopping for light bulbs the other night at Walmart…and found hardly any normal bulbs on the shelves! I know I need to stock up. I’m scared we won’t be able to find them at all soon. All my friends are refusing to buy the new “green” ones…but we need main stream media to pick up on this.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hi nita,
      thank for your comment. it’s become an obsession for me and you’re right, i do think we need to alert the media to get the word out, so please choose one (or many) and let them know. i feel better that i’m not alone on this…stock up!


  4. jules replied:

    love a little bit of flapper love anytime, and what a lovely illustration from your photo. that’s so cool!


  5. Jane W. replied:

    I’m sure my makeup would look a lot better if only I had that powder puff!


  6. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,
    I love fifi’s art …so joyful


  7. pam robinson replied:

    fifi is so amazing… i just love this sweet painting… xx


  8. Lauren replied:

    For being so busy you do so well keeping things updated! I feel like I always have that to-do list floating above my head too! Good luck with the work!


  9. The Princess & The Pea replied:

    I’m crazy about fifi flower’s painting! I loved it anyway but then when I saw your original photograph underneath it was too much! Going straight over to her site to have a look. Thanks for sharing! Nicolexx


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