all in a day’s work

wow, almost midnight…again! where do the days go? today  actually got chronicled, i just noticed i’ve been saving things to the desktop all day. and boy was it a pretty day! and another great day of collaboration with my blog buds. these candelabra (s)? and precious pink chest are from karina gentinetta’s new orleans collection. we teamed up and put these lovelies in the paris apartment’s boutique. i swear, it’s almost like shopping! i highly recommend selling your friend’s beautiful things if you have a retail store or website!

so we’re packing my guy to go on a two week jaunt so i’ll have plenty of time to chit chat but for tonight, it’s just a quick hello and posting the pics to get them off the desktop and into the ether…please excuse that none of them are labeled but i promise to retrace my steps and put all the links on tomorrow~

how do you feel about the bathroom renovation revolution in paris?


ok well that’s it for my day! good night ;p

February 13, 2010. art, Blogroll, Friends.


  1. jules replied:

    Love that bathroom. I stayed in a paris perfect apartment last time, which i adored – but would quite like to stay in something a bit edgyer next time.

    have a great weekend,jx


  2. Shane replied:

    Wow I love the bathroom. The past two times we stayed in paris we rented an apartment. The first time the bathroom needed a reno job. the second time it was this amazing combination of new and old. very modern with an old clawfoot tub. I loved it! One thing I love about the french is often you see the toilet in its own room which makes the whole bathing experience much more romantic.
    I have read your blog off and on and now that I am starting my own blog on Paris I plan to follow this carefully. My dream is to one day own a paris apartment of my own.


  3. Katelen Tays replied:

    I love the old combined with the new..I am a hunter of the old pieces my self..Always looking..I my self would love to go to Paris again and be able to shop the market. Oh I can dream, that is why I visit your blog.


  4. Vivi replied:

    Love love love what’s going on in that bathroom… all that light and classic framing… such a perfect room and it’s not even done yet! :)


  5. Tanya replied:

    I love the bathroom!!! I also liked the dress with the table gave me an idea for Morgan for Halloween next year…and it was oddly unique:)


  6. Elaine B. replied:

    Love the blue sofa against the shabby wall! Wow!!


  7. Queen of Dreamsz replied:

    I love that pink chest of drawers and the candelabras…I also like the sleek clean lines of that bathroom.

    Have a great day,


  8. Carol replied:

    OMG! I had that table in Mahogany! But not as a skirt/dress! It was a fav. Lol!


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love the girandoles on the first picture


  10. Angela replied:

    Oh gosh – that crusty wall with the sofa…that is about all I can handle. Honestly, those crumbling walls are divine.


  11. Alva replied:

    Those Lime Green doors are just to die for!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you and yours have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!


  12. kayellen replied:

    Oh my~~~Claudia I love each photo!

    I have to say the suitcases at the beach are calling my name:) I think it’s time for a little Laguna Beach R&R

    Happy Sweetheart weekend!

    Kay Ellen


  13. Erica-Haven in Paris replied:

    Love the Bathroom! And also the Divan. Gorgeous. When are you in Paris my dear??
    xo – Erica


  14. Apartment in Paris replied:

    This is a spectacular post that has been created . i should really thanks for it


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